Lana Del Rey – Shades of Cool (Official Audio)

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New album Ultraviolence out now. Download on iTunes: Buy Deluxe Box & Merch Bundles: More Lana Del Rey: http://www.fac…


Louiebelle Angus says:

your voice is soo filtered and you can’t sing live. youre nothing compare
to lorde

tayla b says:

he drives a chevy malibu

Crystal Core says:

I’m a huge Lana fan…
You’d have to be deaf to dislike that voice.
I get compared to her in my singing quite often. An oversized compliment
I’m sure.
If you have the time in your day to give a listen, or even leave a comment
I would be overjoyed.
We share a huge interest.
Thank You for the chance.

Rafia Akhtar says:

This Song…..I can’t even. Errmagawd!!!!! This is getting me high <3 <3

Gian Franco Rondon says:

Is it me or the song is pitched compared to the album version?

Sarah Lala says:

The beginning looks like Hotel California

Gracie Lindsay says:

For some reason that picture looks like something from the 70’s. Lana is
Cocaine. She is my love.

ohs0intricate says:

To people not liking this song: listen to it on repeat at least 2 times
with good headphones to really understand it’s beauty

Vanessa Yeung says:

UV brings us back to the 70s
BTD and Paradise bring us back to the 50s

Idk why but they are my feelings.

smileyface702 says:

Does anyone know what she’s singing when the guitar solo is playing? I
can’t make out the words 

AntoSimmer says:

I don’t like this song. But i still come back to listen to it.


Relax, piece, love and freedom.

ahoynicholle says:

Honestly..a lot of you guys are starting to get annoying. You guys are so
stuck on Lana’s ‘Born To Die’ era that you aren’t giving her new music a
chance. It’s completely different, her Born To Die album had more of a hip
hop influence while this album seems to be more raw. Just because it’s
different doesn’t mean it’s not good. If you don’t like it then go listen
to her Born To Die albums. Stop complaining.

X says:

At first listening I didn’t kinda like it but when I listened to it for a
long time it grows in me. I love it! Can’t wait for the whole album.

FritzFashionista says:

OMG! Please let this be the next JAMES BOND theme song!!!!

Golden Orchard says:

This whole album has made me cry. I love you Lana and this album is so raw
and so heart felt it’s just perfection. 

robhartjr1993 says:

I don’t normally buy albums from female artists. Not trying to sound
sexist. But theres something about the recent Lana Del Ray songs including
this one. Something extra sexy and classy. Almost like the music of Beach
House and the song “Bill Murray” by Phantogram. What I’m saying is, I’ll
be buying this album when it comes out!

Laura Khoshaba says:

Loved it!You are my inspiration.I’m 16 from London and l have been singing
since l was 12.I sang one of your songs at a festival.l hope that one day
you will hear me sing one day …and l hope the rest of you will listen to my
covers :)

rb10rob says:

I like this song more than the self titled track “Ultraviolence”, but
that’s just me.

Ariel Matias says:

bigger tits yeah

alice smithy says:

am i the only one who thinks she sounds like snow white on the hight notes?

ughnoah says:

This is probably my favorite song I love Lana del ray so much (:

millionDZbabygurl says:

why is this pitched :(? i dont get it

Chatise Smith says:

good song for Shades of grey :P

Sivvers says:

I used to love Lana, but I don’t like Shades Of Cool and West Coast :(

Phillip Daniel says:

Is she releasing a shorter version of this because I love this song but 5
minutes is too long for me.

Kale Houchens says:

Fuck this is a great song! West Coast was just ‘eh’.

dylan preuss says:

Lana Del Rey is my life.

MrMoony1235 says:

West Coast is terrible and doesn’t come together well at all but this track
is all James Bond cool and awesome. Love it.

MC Xtinaa says:

Her voice is irresistible. Even if she sings a boring song like Happy
Birthday or something, you can’t resist it..!!

Squidward T says:

I twerk to this song

QJordon says:

The beginning of this song sounds like a slower version of the James Bond
theme song.

Yael Teenage-Tragedy says:

it really take me by surprise that people are mad about the guitar. i mean,
in my opinion i think is that the best part of the song. her voice, the
vocals, and the instrumentals are so god damn perfect, everything works. i
get this chaotic, violent and very emotional feeling from the sound of the
guitar solo. ultraviolence it’s all about that.
open your mind a little,

Kerunou says:

Wow man. I didn’t think I could love Lana much more than I already do, and
I don’t know about everyone else, but I love the direction she’s going with
Ultraviolence. This tinge of beachy, soft surf rock in all of her new songs
is awesome. The rock and roll edge that this song has is amazing too. That
solo is reminiscent of some of Lindsey Buckinghams work. I feel like she’s
improved upon everything that she’s shown us in previous albums, as well
added some new elements. Amazing work. 

Bellatrix Lestrange says:

I feel like drunk when i listen to Lana

Joseph James says:

Personally haven’t enjoyed Lana’s new stuff so far. Just found it a bit
dull :S

Deseree Garcia says:

This song literally made me start crying maybe because I just became single
and I finally started crying. But it’s a beautiful emotional song I’ll be
singing and crying to while eating chocolate until July

Justin Tan says:

I’m a bit iffy on this one. It took awhile to like West Coast. I hope
there are going to be some better songs in her second album. Her first
album was amazing.

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