Let’s Be Cops – Red Band Trailer | OFFICIAL | Jake Johnson | Nina Dobrev | 2014 [HD]

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It’s the ultimate buddy cop movie except for one thing: they’re not cops. When two struggling pals dress as police officers for a costume party, they become …


Kive BF4 Sniper says:

so going to watch this in theaters and not download it. looks epic!

Kevin says:

I cannot wait for this

Christian Cage says:

Nice to see some fresh faces on the big screen as the lead roles for once,
this looks like a monster hit in the making…

greenleo111 says:

This trailer is HILARIOUS! Definitely going to check it out!

Bailey Nguyen says:

That Supra. 

The Originals - The Vampire Diaries says:

Nina go 1min 15

Calvin C says:

Nick & Coach 😀 

C Vargas says:

so is this a spin off movie to “new girl?”

Elving Lindqvist says:

02:00 Supra :D

Andrew Crain says:

i should do this

mugenXZY2012 says:

“I feel like Danny Glover before he got too old for this shit” lol

Aaron Hodge says:

Looks epic! So cant wait!!!

Death Destroyer Of Worlds says:

Lol I wasn’t expecting keegan Michael key to pop out from the back xD

martyventy says:


Carlos Russo says:

Think it has potential. Here’s hoping it turns out as good as it seems. 

Jesper Heu says:

haha seems funny as hell

Robert Gheorghe says:

” I am a cop ” “wholy fuck I am a cop lol lol lol lol lol

Hazel S says:

Looks hilarious!!

That-Gundam-Guy says:

Oh Nina Dobrev, you have come a long way from Degrassi. <3

Alice Caidra says:

what’s the name of the song?

Melanie Andrea says:


Djonkie Bonk says:

Looks like a good popcorn flick. They weren’t aiming for Oscar material
here and that’s fine as long as the humor is good. 

TheCritic609 says:

Watching this movie for Nina , go TVD :)

david nash says:

Nick and Coach become cops

Monti Andrews says:

Why does this trailer not play for me on Foxs youtube channel? Says age
restricted. Stupid Fox.

Luciano's World says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

D3adp00l324 says:

This looks hilarious! Glad to see a Wayan is still working. Aside from
Marlon, that is, lol 

Bkflykid says:


mounica bro says:

new girl + The vampire diaries. ♥ Nina

tvd fanDrea says:

hahah, can’t wait to see this movie!

Ryan Kristianto Wirayadi says:

This actually looks pretty funny. Nina Dobrev tho. 

Sequyoah Guilford says:

It looks like a lot of fun

Amanda Lundebo says:

Nina Dobrev <3

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