Lil Wayne – Buy The World Ft. Mike Will Made It, Future and Kendrick Lamar (New Songs 2014)

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Published on Jun 20, 2014 Mike Will Made It – Buy The World Ft. Future, Lil Wayne & Kendrick Lamar (New Songs 2014) Mike Will Made It – Buy The World Ft. Future, Lil Wayne & Kendrick Lamar…


dopex2xdeath says:

this sounds fake

Its24x says:

and im #1 like my muscles got bigger goat line how do you come up with that

Kirby Music says:

16yr old UK artist tryna bring that OLD SCHOOL SHIT BACK, check my channel
and leave feed back please

Koolaid DaBeast says:

WEAK this garbage!

Frank Nio says:

shit sounds fake. & why is KDot rapping with these guys?

killua kirito says:

Kendrick shouldn’t rap with these people. Kendrick is too good for them. He
say save rap eminem getting old

Junior Louis says:

Weezy TBE

Lilboi Jr says:

Weak Asf ….

Mia Love says:

Im luvin it!!!!

Lacuana Carter says:

Fuck lilboi

alize brown says:

Where the actual version at?

Morgan Tivatyi says:


Its finally here! 

Lacuana Carter says:

Fuck koolaid

jason kenny says:

Everyone did good different style all together. Its perfect but kendrick
still stays the best

Brandon Gray says:

Dis shit go hard

Harleyqwin Hades says:

im still looking for the actual version man dang!

Kymberlie Woodrum says:

I need some mannie fresh beats

jason kenny says:

Subscribe to my channel Jason kenny new raps out

jason kenny says:

Yeh kendrick shouldn’t rap with them his to good

circular pann says:


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