Lil Wayne- Single (Official Video)

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New Lil Wayne- “Single (Official Video)” (WAVY Exclusive), off “No Ceilings”. Lil Wayne- Single (Official Video) Lil Wayne- Single (Official Video) Lil Wayne…


Repunzella says:

lol can someone please tell me how he is *special* or *more talented* than
some other rappists that are less popular, like e.g. Kirko Bangs??? 

Rus Royce says:

Khloe got dun up and everything, weezy dun her righ!

jonniesjr22 says:
richard williams says:

pretty cool song…

Antoine L. says:

The soundtrack to my life…single 4 lyfe!

Dash Hanazono says:

This song is the shit >.>

Victoir Majar says:

first song from lil wayne that sounds ok

Peter DeSouza says:

1:56-1:57 Anybody notices the shotguns on the table on the left of him? 

Frankie Kelley says:


Romel Malcolm says:

I guess it is what it is….. #Single

sonya seyah says:

That’s what it is!

Hannah Warden says:

Hands are up!

Eric Rivers says:

I actually like this song from lil wayne

joshua Simpson says:

can not stay single forever cuz i got a girlfriend

Loviee A. says:

Lol I love this video because when he in the studio and listening to it
back and singing along you can tell that nigga proud as hell of this song.

Bushi Kurosakindrix says:

I’m high af

An dre says:

amazing song!! but it is so messed up in many ways.

SeungHo Seol says:

nicki minaj at the beginin?

Dyllon Freeman says:

If wayne sank in the pussy like quicksand, then it must been deep.

Lakota R says:

This an that bout such an such 

The92Babyboy says:



lol, so old, check my channel to new rap music 😉
you will not regret

Gott Thozz says:

lol my EX hates this song… IM SINGLE !!! thanks for the upload, i
subscribed and gave it a thumbs up. please sub back. thanks

Andx56 says:

nigga look like booker t in the thumbnail

Anxo Varela Perez says:

jamona jamona

Dann.EwithadotE says:

hey it would mean the world to me if you checked out my music

Elisha Bradley says:

all this dude talks about is pussy. please someone explain how you can
compare this f**k to tupac. ive heard people do it. its lame. my dog
(beagle) can rap better then him

Joanne Hartsfield says:

i love you wayne!!!!!!!

jesse jones says:

Polo t-shirt and polo draws,now make me take this polo off

Karmel Jay says:

dis is dedicated to my xxxxxxxx jdo 

Young Gotti says:

Check the artist out on my channel, he’s no lil wayne tho

hessen ben slima says:


Marshie British says:

This joint is crazy…slick flow, tight rhymes. #WeezyKilledIt.#GwapLink

PhiloOfficial says:

If you like this track, you might like the 2 tracks I recently released.
They both got that fuck love, good vibe to it. Check them out if you got
the time, they’re 100% original, studio quality and free download. Help a
brother get some shine! I made the beats, so even a ‘like’ will make me
feel proud. Thanks YouTube!

Tomáš Vašíček says:

still single in 2014! 

Momo Willi says:

this is the all around Cheaters Anthem

Ms.Ten Cunningham says:


Sauconyz says:

This isn’t actually an “OFFICIAL VIDEO”. Its just a bunch of clips put
together. lol

Justice Reynolds says:

@J_babyy187 follow me on twitter I follow back an followed by rappers

Earl Wilson says:

Wayne smashes all comp!!!!1

Tyler Robbins says:

Wish lil wayne still did shit like this…

Madara Rikudou says:

the shit

Darrien oGSwank says:

Sadboy Song :(

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