Machine Gun Kelly – Swing Life Away feat. Kellin Quinn (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

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Music Video Shot and Edited by: Charlie Zwick Black Flag Download:


RJ Piccioni says:

It’s just music, who cares what he was trying to do. He made a song with a
friend. I’m sure if/when anyone makes music they don’t care what anyone
else will think of what they do with it. When people make music and someone
comments on it with negative comments you’re going to be like “Whatever I’m
gonna do what I want and make music with my friends. fuck your
opinion.”(something along defending your own art.) Same with MGK and
Kellin, They’re going to make the music they want whether anyone likes the
spin off or not. I’m sure they both know where the original lyrics came
from. People cover all the time. It shows they get inspiration from
somewhere.. Quit saying they STOLE shit. If you guys didn’t like the
acoustic. Why come here and bash the non acoustic version? Just listen. OH
WAIT IN MY OPINION I ACTUALLY LIKE THIS. (Prepares for people who can’t
understand why people like things and others dislike) Go to videos you DO
like that’s what youtube is for. people need to understand that not
everyone’s going to like the same stuff as you. I respect people who do not
like this with an educated opinion on it. But if you got no argument to
back yourself up. Pfft. 

Zachary Balducci says:

i personally think this is terrible. people seem to think that hes mixing
rock and rap by having kellin quinn but he isnt, theres barely any guitar
in there. and even if he wanted to actually have it sound like rock and rap
he wouldnt have kellin quinn, id give a little respect if maybe he brought
in m. shadows or even tim mcillrath who wrote the song with the lyrics
which they stole smh

DeathMiniHorse says:

God the dialog is so dubbed over. And Kellin ruined the chorus. Like bad.

dylan English says:

I feel like it was an ok cover to an amazing song. Really didn’t do it much
justice. Although the video was nice

giftedbuttwisted says:

This video gave me aids

3n3myba55 says:

Rise against :D

MarkToast says:

This isn’t my type of music, but Sleeping With Sirens and Rise Against are
my 2 favorite bands, so since this song was originally written by Rise
Against and it features Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens, I have to
love it

Ben Gaydos says:

Wow.. And here i thought this cover might actually be descent.. 

garrett robertson says:

I hope we all know the original is by Rise Against

Frank do says:

Just listen to the music and watch the video, it enjoyed it! gj MGK ~lace

Nehemiah Preston says:

You guys are tripping this is my favorite song on the mixtape other than
mind of a stoner . This song gets me motivated to do something with my life
instead of swinging my life away. Listening to his lyrics, shut up & LACE
TF UP ! Good shit Kelz

Chris Cutler says:

Way to Butcher Rise Against MGK

Andrew Hakan SAMUEL says:


angel deliht says:

i truly love this song!!!! because it has kellin quinn in it and this song
helps me through all this bullshit that ive been through :) :) :) <3 <3 <3

Blake Polk says:

It’s just people getting together and making music, stop the hate.

iamfanofankleand sykk says:

are they a real couple?

Christian Hart says:

Kellen kinda ruined this song the original band made itvway better bt still
a good song

LeTwistedLaura says:

My favourite song has just been brutally butchered. This is why we can’t
have good things. I’m not saying MGK or Kellin Quinn are bad artists, but
this, in my opinion, was not well performed. 

Mchurtzpwnz21 says:

This is absolute garbage and a insult to Rise Against 

kamryn how says:

kellin Quinn confuses me so fucking much like i have never heard a dude
with a voice like his pretty sure 90% of the the people listening to this
think he’s girl, not saying he’s not talented cuz he is he is just mind
blowing as fuck

Wendy Vindell says:

this song was originally by rise against. at first i was upset but i guess
he changed the words around. i like it though 

Kevin Taylor says:

video was okay but they screwed this song up and it makes my ears want to

Brandon Parker says:

love his scream at the end has potential



Alexander Francais says:

Hah, this is in my head the best song made by MGK, idk wtf is wrong with
you guys xD

Dylan Moncur says:

someone wanna tell me what song they are listening to at 3:38 hit me back
if u know

yourthreewhispers says:

meh. i dont really like it. i feel like the vocals on kellin quinn are good
but not characteristic to the originals use of vocals. and i feel like the
rapping does not have the volume to its lyrics like rise againsts’ lyrics
did. i lived off this song for years and i just dont feel like this new
version does it justice.

Dani Sweetness says:

We should riot.
does rise against know about this??? :/

ramon vargas says:

man fuck all of u kellin did a fucking great job and if he didnt bad mgk
wouldnt have put him on the song if yall think u can do better den prove it
dont talk show

tekken nine says:


Connor Minter says:

Did no justice to the original song at all. 

XxDXARMYXx says:

Not the best version,the acoustic guitar was a big part of this song and it
just wasn’t there if your gonna do a cover/tribute atleast respect the

C Davis says:

The kid thats rapping is the best. Hes so into it

zach gallegos says:


Hakeema Fishback says:

I liked it… lol

Awesombynature says:

Where’s kellin like ;-; I wanted to see him in the video. He was in “alone”
so unfair…

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