Machine Gun Kelly – Swing Life Away feat. Kellin Quinn (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

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Machine Gun Kelly’s official music video for “Swing Life Away” Music Video Shot and Edited by: Charlie Zwick Screenplay by: Machine Gun Kelly Produced by: An…


Adam Rose says:


Dying Dreams says:

This song is so beautiful<3

CindyLouWho51410 says:

Okay, I’m a huge SWS/Kellin Quinn fan, and I love his voice even though
it’s all high pitched and girly, actually that’s why I love it it’s so
unique. I have been listening to them for a loongg time and honestly, I
also thought it was a girl in the beginning. Took me a sec to realize it
was him; never had to do that before. Lol but I love this song, it
strangely fits together even though SWS/Kellin Quinn and MGK are different
music genres, and how the original song is from Rise Against (whom I also
love!). The original is always going to be the best, but this is a great
example of real musicianship. Completely different musicians can come
together to make something great. That’s hard to do. This collab is better
than Alone from SWS ft. MGK. Disappointed Kell wasn’t in the video. ):

XxShock1444xX says:

This song will always be Rise Ageist’s.
Decent cover, but Rise Against takes the cake.

Duston Bezzeg says:

Just looked up kellin Quinn and he definitely doesn’t look like the guy to
sing that high. You look at him after listening to this song and it’s like
wtf how does he sound like a girl with a hard voice or a 12 year old boy
about to hit puberty 

CyAn gArMa says:

i like this song and the combination came out great
no hate but i thought the girl in the beginning was the singer 

Lucas Maffazioli says:

Music at 3:30 ?

OneSquareGaming says:

What song is at the end of this? it sounds so raw

Brandon Wells says:

See I’m just not a fan of Kellin Quinn. I never have been

Ross Henderson says:

mgk is the shit

Jimmy Hernandez says:

it’s like him and eminem have many similarities

Grant Windrix says:

hey this is the dopest thing i have heard in a while man as a fan and a
artist myself people need this and you dog keep on killing em

Gabriel Schaub says:

This song nvr gets old. Its a good duo with sws and mgk they r just wow. 

Andrea Espinosa says:

Rise Against does it better. But no matter who plays it, this song is

allidoisfangirl says:

this man is my inspiration 

hellokittycobalt says:

Where’s kellin quinn in the mv?

RadiantNight7 says:

I have never heard Kellin Quinn sing that girly… I love the guy but

ExclusivelyLiftedRec says:

I think it would be unique and probably and possibly could be the next
hottest thing idk but never know till you try it out :)

Omar Leon says:

This is why MGK is an icon. He knows where he comes from no matter how fat
his wallet gets. That’s a rarity now a days. Love this guy <3

Daniel Ganchev says:

kells e es tee leis upp

Jose Felix says:

Crazy how i’ve been loving this song for years good mix bro

Levi Youster says:

Mgk is rock he chooses to rap 

diamondhearts07 says:

Wow beautiful 

Bashar Alrhily says:

nice song

matt lawrence says:

OMG just heard the best song ever search RED THY KINGDOM COME

Allison Loughman says:

keep rappin’ forever

stephanie sane says:

Ahh I loooooove this ♡♥♡♥♡♥

Mckenna Peterson says:

does any one know if this is on itunes? i cant find it but its sooooo good!

DressedForWeddings says:

Painful compared to Rise Against, poor effort.

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