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Thrift Shop on iTunes: The Heist physical deluxe edition: http://www.macklemoremerc…


3PACTVHD says:

macklemore is complete trash everyone knows i am the best white rapper out
right now wacklemore is a loser cause he thought he was gay in third grade.
check out my vids 3pac be the name son 

TheMrFreshPrince1 says:

They were not signed to any record label and their album became successful
you gotta admit that’s a huge win 

Kasie Goldsborough says:

I swear he look like my Uncle….Macklemore that is O_O

tomas kojar says:

America you are awesome.

gore99 says:

reaching 500M:))

Sir Charles says:

*Macklemore – Thrift Shop*


CocoaNutCakery says:

You know, that suit actually frames Wanz’s face really well.

Marguerita Farrell says:

Have you guys listened to this one, it is really brilliant!
okay okay, I know I sell expensive designer t-shirts, well I do, hey, they
are designed by me so worth double what they cost!

but this one, is just a brilliant song! Love it! listen it is really good

jhoustonburns says:

I’ll say my piece….Judging by a lot of the commenters, this guy is very
palatable for older white people as far as rap goes which probably works in
his favor for a grammy win. While he is with his messages very on-point &
forthcoming, it’s a huge misconception that there are “no” other rappers
spreading positive messages. I have been guilty of that kind of thinking
plenty of times. His grammy wins seem to help guide us as a culture to the
conclusion that he won because he is the “only mainstream rapper these
days” to say overtly positive things. .
Just for ex., Macklemore and Lamarr were both nominated for the same award
and you could almost literally stack them beside each other like apples and
appples in terms of social issues in rap culture tackled per song. KL was
nominated because he radiates positivity, as well.

Ariana Cason says:

this song NEVER gets old B )

leonardo celentano says:

mega boss macklemore and ryan lewis

AIBJ95 says:

The delorean looks nice as hell

Timothy Stohrer says:

If you cant watch raps and swears then don’t watch. but other wise it is

michis Ramirez says:

looo mejooor

connorbeshockah says:

hipster national anthem

Sameer Singh says:


Elisset Rodriguez says:

This song never gets old

george S lego says:

is it have bad words or im hearing wrong?

Ramazan Yüksel says:

Yeah Tranqulia J Balvin Lettra Like 😀 :D

sha shi says:

That was freakin funny…fav song..n funny M/V..=]

I ' m nuttom says:

I do not know This song really mean anything. I know because I listen to
English. But I like this song Enjoy great music and fun

NaNaMi ABE says:

It’s so funny!!


love hearing those horns in the club!!!!

Andreas Strand says:


Angel Garcia says:

I’m gonna pop some tags
Only got twenty dollars in my pocket
I-I-I’m huntin’
Lookin for a come up
This is flippin awesome


o papa renuncioo

Amelia Cartier says:

He is so sexy

Cof Sde says:

Macklemore is good but wasn’t feelin this song at all

Cippo says:

what kind of cap is the one you can see at 3:16??

Mayara Maróstica says:

delorean s2

Michelle Gorman says:

omg I love him

india davies says:

Dude half a billion views :0

Joaquin Arias says:

Anyone else noticed 2:49 hadouken?

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