Madonna – Give It 2 Me (ft. Pharrell) (Official Music Video)

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“Give It 2 Me” by Madonna (ft. Pharrell) from Hard Candy, available now. Directed by Tom Munro and Nathan Rissman Download on iTunes: Co…


Sarina Bland says:

*Give It 2 Me*

*What are you waiting for?*
*Nobody’s gonna show you how*
*Why work for someone else*
*To do what you can do right now?*


MadonnaMDNA12 says:

Let’s get this to 37 million!

cat22203 says:

The song is amazing!

Fady Adel says:

Anyone thought that beat is similar to Blurred Lines’?

MadonnaMDNA12 says:

‘Give me a record and I’ll break it’

Juan de la Cruz Gomez says:


Joshua Rodea Franco says:

She was beautiful in here, I think this video was filmed while she was in
Italy (sticky and sweet tour)

Andy Gandy says:

This is great song from a great album.

– You can have a deep frontal penetration with this song.

– A kinky experimentation with Candy Shop.

– A swingy sexercise with Dance 2 Night.

– A quickie in the morning on the way to work in order to save the day and
maybe the world too with 4 minutes.

If you have done all of that, then you get to think clear and then you can
enjoy and understand the other great songs and ballads on the album Hard

When the lights go down, and there is no one left I can go on and on, Give
it to me, yeah,,,,

Tyler Bates says:

Very empowering song. love it!

Heleen Priem says:

‘They’d do it too if they were you!’

Irish Kabyle says:


bryan david says:

Old tart, young rapper

franktonio franktonio says:

old days when pharrel williams was just “featured”….

Sonia Gomez says:


Paulinho Mendez says:

madonaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sii number one 

marshallcanify says:

That wallpaper is on point. sort of a throw-away vid, but Pharrell and M
look great. mystified as to why this song wasn’t covered much on radio back
then. it’s such a hypnotic tune. can’t get it outta my head. haha

anonyHOMOus says:

amo :3

Medo Man says:

I love this song 

Shikira Pressley says:

She is immensely beautiful and sexy for her years!. I was 12-13 when tried
to mimic her and did all of the funky jives. I still can and I am 40 and
want this amazing woman to show me how to become who I can be.

Dave Cornman says:

oh, by the way this song is far too intelegent 4 blurred lines, u fucken
stuped ass

elya retrosinngerstar says:

i give it to You

N Joans says:

I met her in paris for tea.

Alina Soy says:

blurred lines

Lily Winsman says:

She looks so good here. This was only 5 years ago. I love her, but why did
she decide to fuck up her face with fillers?

Haris Baki says:

The song is bad but 2.26-2.56 is simply terrible. In 1980s this would not
be admitted as an album filler, let alone, a single. 

Ann Liguända says:

This video is directed by.. wait for it.. her gardener! A nobody. I love

MorganCiccone says:

Worthy song of the queen, like a cosmic force Madonna break and overcome

emre baltacı says:

different song:)

Arnie Snow says:

This song is amazing.

cbluechicken93 says:

Hard Candy never got the respect it deserved. So far ahead of it’s time.
Blurred Lines owes a great bit of it’s sound to this….

TheMaterialboi says:

a great song to dance too
top ten hit in the uk,- hard candy was a cool change in direction, the
constant variety makes Madonna who she is

Carlos Gerardo M says:

Her best song (an my favorite one) in years. Such a shame the video is so

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