Maladies Official Trailer #2 (2014) – James Franco, Catherine Keener Drama Movie HD

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Metal Is Forever says:

Alan “Cumming” Lol

Art Vandelay says:

<3 franko. Looks Great

SennaFan says:

This looks brilliant. So clever.

Dallas Harper says:


clasifi1 says:

More like …..a story of limousine liberal pricks who think their lives
should fascinate you , in another pretentious & pseudo-intellectual crap
that will tank at the box office….But worry not , film snobs & hipster
faggots will be in line to support & defend it….against people like me…

I can already hear the bastards whining:….”it’s too deep for you”… “You
hick , you’re so intolerant!…This is ART my friend!”…

hahahahahahahhhahahha !!!!!!…..

Carlos Carty says:

The story sounds unique, strange and interesting.

Mary Lou Christine Declines says:

This is my kind of movie. :)

Kirk Lazarus says:

Never go full retard.

Yell0wWaffle says:


Rick Deckard says:

This looks pretty stupid!!!

Kuce says:

I’m beginning to believe that James Franco is James Dean in another life.
He’s become a real powerhouse of an actor.

Dennis Mski says:

Stanley Parable style narration, much?

AB Siddique says:

I will watch it for Catherine Keener.

mofumofu151 says:

Oh…. Looks beautiful…
It’s really good for me with broken heart …

Fancy Bear says:

James Franco playing a shizo artist. This should be fun.

Karlo Islan says:

sf. “”$&7721 “k

harvey simister says:

Soon as it starts you just think ‘her’

Mew says:

Lame! I want my 2nd trailer for Gojira and Transformers 4!

Serena Stonem says:

James Franco <3

klossner34 says:

This movie came out in 2012

Joseph Rutherford says:

Is this based off a real person? 

Nostalgic_Chaos says:

I’m sorry but James Franco is so overrated. He acts pretty much the same in
all of his roles. I never really get the feeling that he has become the
character. Every time I watch him on screen, he is just James Franco.

Rick Deckard says:

This looks pretty stupid!!!

min24434 says:

i hate the voice in my head 

PopeOnDope says:

looks like a james dean role to me…

Madore says:

Alan cumming is a very underrated actor IMO 

LBHmusic says:

This is my kind of movie.


Маладец? или может Маладеет?

Maykol Diaz says:

Justo salió hoy o.o

MOVIECLIPS Trailers says:

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