Man of Steel 2: Superman vs Batman Trailer 2015

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Man of Steel 2: Superman vs Batman Trailer 2015 **THIS IS A NON-PROFIT VIDEO and is made purely for fun. No copyright infringement intended. All footage belo…


Aakash Prashanth says:

though its fake….. id say what you did here is amazing….. 

thatflashbanger says:

Lol fail movie is coming out in 2016

julietbeneke72 says:

Why people complaining about this I thought it was good for being fake..

shwoopedx2 says:

This is actually a pretty good job, you did well, congrats.

dangerdan09inc says:

this is fake?..fuck……
no way i actually thought it was real good job man.

Shlomo Ben Hungstein says:

why do people bother making shit like this and post it on youtube?

TristianHenz5851 says:

I honestly want to say, if it’s a non-profited video, then why is it
monetized? I mean clearly there was a pop-up add, so it’s monetized. At
least un-monetize it before saying it’s non-profited.

sawyer grey says:

is much better than the one with Affleck cause you were able to use very
freely the Dark Knight Trilogy shots instead of looking for Affleck’s movie
shots, reat fake trailer…

William Ball says:

Even though It’s a fake, this is still a damn good home-made trailed dude

Oguzhan Taskin says:

the super power of superman are superiour against Batman

rphxc16 says:

haha funny video! you’ve done well! just a question… what is Terminator’s
role here? anyway good job

Jude Billings says:


steelman says:

fuck my,beatch

TheGanster1996 says:

Christian Bale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keyli Estrada says:

fake i wached those movies in all of them are in part of a movie

Noni Hamler says:

Good job, also Ben Afleck will be batman in the 2015 film.

Renfeild Light says:

nice job splicing.

Arjun Pala says:

good trailer! Wasn’t expecting Terminator ;)

John Liew says:

batman is a good guy same as superman thres to many heroes spiderman more

Joko Coker says:

wow perfect tone and lighting pretty cool

reno avif says:

even it’s just Non-Profit, i think it’s worth to be seen…… 

สหรัถ ยงชัยชาญ says:

i love batman

sacrifxiful says:

Why batman and superman want fight ?

F.O.R.E.V.E.R. says:

batman did defeated superman in comic books

Similan Jitjaroen says:

Great movie making skills

Barbarian NE says:

This is not an official trailer, but it was made nicely.

Barkhasbaatar chimed ochir says:

this trailer is fake 

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