Marylin Manson – Sympathy For The Devil – Full Movie

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Marilyn Manson, the modern day Alice Cooper and self-proclaimed Antichrist Superstar, has managed to do what many could never by defining the sound of a gene…


Deadpoolicious says:

From florida? he’s from ohio

Jenn Righter says:

I saw them open for NIN in Columbus, Ohio in 1994 just a couple weeks after
I turned 14. I ended up seeing them upwards of 30 times from 1994 to 1996,
but the early days were my favorite. The best show was the first of the
two day show in Cleveland in 1995, dubbed The Manson Family Christmas,
because is was December 27th and 28th at the Odeon there. By sheer
coincidence, my three friends and I were staying at the same Holiday Inn as
the band. I still have all the photos from the experience. Twiggy was
absolutely the most awesome of the band members, his room being directly
across from ours that night. He sat in our room and ate pizza, put us on
the guest list for the second show, etc. Really a great time in my life.

john pipere says:

Hold on a minute, this isnt the Carpenters documentary

Rick Slayer says:

Manson creates a market for a product people want. Its not the markets
fault its the government that says profit over everything else that creates
the issue.

hellchild65 says:

obviously Twiggy was the superior writer Scott, Portrait wasn’t bad but
comparing that to antichrist his compositions with manson were much better
than yours

Spooky Max says:

Scroll back up, for I fear for our future of youtube comments!

Natalie Sutton says:

i love m.m so much haha(btw, hes from ohio)

J South says:

Sunny Psyop, you sound like a pathetic little cunt. So impressionable with
that mind of mush.

121jigawatts says:

Explaining Satanism is not difficult. Satan is very real but the sheep in
this video would never want you to understand this. It is all part of
Satan’s ultimate plan. So, for those who would say that the joke is on
Christ or His followers, I have news for you- no it’s not. The joke is
actually on you and it doesn’t even come from the very people you mock or
think are out to persecute you. The joke is on you because the puppet show
has all the puppets it needs to infect the masses. The Satanic movement is
a big deal and Manson even admits that it is more philosophy than it is
religion! Just look up what a philosophy is and wake up! This music and
what it stands for is very real and very dangerous to your health.

David Washington says:

Jesus is Lord !

Iareorgasm says:

2:20…I love Manson but damn he did not deserve Rose McGowan

OPERATOR8696 says:

1:06:00 SONG PLEASE, Have done personal research, cant find it, guessing
its not on any of his studio albums

Leshem Amaya says:

They have so many wrong things in this video, hes not a goth, and hes not
satanic. Get your shit righht.

Kalle Gadd says:

Much coke before that interview? Smack. 

Rob Kime says:

this guy sounds like martin freeman XD

seanny graveside says:

Marilyn Manson was born in Miami Florida, Mr.Brian Warner was born in

kym rhymer says:

skinner road?

Fallen Angel says:

This cant be true that he’s a nazi

Mark Shannon Kelley says:

I played music for many years and I can tell you that satan was in it all
until I got tired of sin and called on the name of the Son of the living
God. In the words of marilyn manson, ” You got to be born again to go to
heaven but the way I see it, just be yourself and go to hell.” That’s the
only truthful thing he has said… Remember, you don’t have to believe in
Jesus or my testimony or any body else that is telling you about hell. Like
marilyn said, ” Just be yourself and go to hell “….but by then, it will
be too late…think twice people about your love that you have for the
music you listen to everyday.

Vincent Mosher says:

The woman who says she knew “Brian” from promotions etc. (The one with the
reddish curly hair) sounds just like and sorta looks like Alanis Morissette

sunny psyop says:

15:17 to 17:55 with “Gidget Gein” … jesus fuck, what a tool. The most
painful moments of interview footage I have ever watched in my life.
“Hurr, Manson thought I was cool because I got in a lot of fights. Hurr,
he literally /begged/ me to play an opening show for NIN and I guess it was
almost cool enough for me. Durr, I’m a fucking self-absorbed little
bitch.” DIAF, Gidget. You’re pathetic.

spidernrain says:

MM is wonderful!

Eric god says:

I see him as a very different art form he seems to see art in darker places
tho that’s where u gonna find some of the best art

Adam Garry says:

Love Manson since I heard the smells like children album.. 16 rolling my
ass off and listening to smells like children….. Shit was intense. 

Alyssa Arsenault says:

It never said he was from Florida.. Just that they left Ohio and went

MelodicMizeryPs3Vids says:

there music has been shit ever since scott left. twiggy did good on
antichrist but theyve only made good covers after. they sacrificed good
music for there image because scott wouldnt play along. id rather them have
good music still and stop the dressup

DARK says:

What’s The Name Of The Song Played Throughout This Video?

辛嘉 says:


Domzdream says:

What the general (stupid) public never realize is that all this is just
expression, entertainment and theater. None of it is real. I’m an atheist
who lives among a family of catholics, and you should hear some of the
stupid shit they believe in. They’re really fuel their own stupidity
mutually, like misinterpreting Manson and his music, and only seeing it 2
I swear, religion makes you so fucking retarded. I’m SO happy I’m an
atheist! Free of any boogie monsters, or demons, or fluffy angels that
watch everything you do like a creepy voyeur, all that, gone! And all that
is left is my own objective observation of the world, untainted by
obvious!! nonsense. 

revolutionday1 says:

Figures that they’d dig ol’ Daisy Berkowitz up, even though he got
completely trashed in MM’s book…..

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