Meek Mill – I Be On That (Explicit) (Official Music Video)

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Click Like and Share! Meek Mill – I Be On That ft Nicki Minaj French Montana & Fabolous Meek Mill – I Be On That (Official Music Video) Meek Mill – it’s me (…


MommamiaTV215 says:

This my shit!!! 

Eddie Molina says:

I be ON that!

Jacy Bunting says:

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Klint Zolanski says:


008TheDarkRogue800 says:


theguy1224 says:

God damn nicki looks good as fuck. And i like white chicks too. I guess
because she tries to look white? lol

aarmon johnson says:

Nicki killed it

AugReady says:

nicki had the best verse, step it up meek

Joshua Armenta says:

I just noticed lil kim did the bike thing on looks like money ._.

Reginald Lamb says:

Sup! My G+ Fam we be on that.

Quineisha Huggins says:

Watch my videos singing!!!!!

YoPussyStankHoe says:

Fabolous flow … Shit is fire .!!
Meek and Loso need a collab mixtape 

Meek Mill says:

Download that new Dreamchasers 3 Mixtape:
Also follow my young Nike/ Entreels brother from Brooklyn: –>
Also follow me on Instagram: ->
– Mill

Yousef El Hanafi says:

Just fuck Niki hard so she can shut up cause she ant shit

I〈3R&Bevolution says:

Dope dealer should have had a video, not I be on that

Jarell Spradley says:

These beat is outrageous. 


Yo meek mill that s… Foreal dogg DREAMCHASERS3

illusion slayer says:

nicki minaj, fabolous….french montana are all from NY, how’d we fell off?

Eric Cumbee says:

Why’d He use his verse from Bandz with Travis Scott…………….

TehOrbit says:

Nihhas all ways going in a rampage 

klick klack bang (multiweedlord) says:

niki goes crazy dammmmmmmmm

ERK still says:


minaj nation says:

How did fat khaled got here??….#WTF KHALED STOP STALKING NICKI MINAJ YOU

Mike Milli says:

meek mill, nicki minaj and fabolous killed this song

Im CheWy says:

Why meek mill using the same verse from another song

akın unsal says:

fantastick music ♥♥♥

victoria monet says:

Nicki kills it but you barely show her in the video? wtf is this. i’m
requesting a more interesting video #bored 

John Doe says:

French made the hook. Nicki killed the track! 

alex thornton says:

The video sucked. We could barely see Nicki with the camera always moving
in another direction. But Nicki slayed that song 

Troy Page says:

2:18 lmaoooo loso was tuned into them titties 

bird reyes says:

Work str8 up 

keithwai lee kelley says:


Aaron Staggers says:


Chris Phung says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Regan Slaa says:

meek mill’z

Gaston Kenfack William Kévin says:

They say Ny ain’t relevant but there are 3 NY rappers on this jouint

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