Metallica – Turn the Page [Official Music Video]

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Turn the Page [Official Music Video] From the album “Garage Inc.” Director: Jonas Akerlund Filmed in October 1998 in Los Angeles, CA Video Premiere Date: Oct…


michael harvey says:

I am usually not a huge fan of remakes of hit songs but this one is damn
good. The only ones in my opinion that can cover someone else’s music and
make it theirs is Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson 

Patrick B says:

A beautiful song which i often listen to !
(is a Bob Seger song)

vinoth sarathy says:

MetallicA Rulezzzzzzz m/

Faruk Alimanoglu says:

ağzıma sıçtın james

kristian romero says:

tits :3 fap ok no

Aga JH says:

Better than the original!

bob dur says:

moy aresei

Massar Kaan says:

I love you Metallica

polloxbloodstone says:

I love Metallica unfortunately they made this song about a single mother
become a stripper/prostitute when originaly it was about a band becoming
tired of the road and treatment on and being homesick

mike shamshoon says:

4:19 there’s no words can describe that look ..

andy horassi says:

gee were’s the playback?

Zrak 23 says:

I never heard the original, I grew up around times when this video was THE
hit…that being said, and not being a “Metallica fan” I will boldly go out
on a limb and say that this is their best song, best video and their best
song+video combo ever made. 

brett chong says:

the girl in the video is ginger lynn, 80s porn star, who pretty much
dissapeared from the film industry, and im guessing because she had a kid.
the interviews fit in really well in the film clip and song i think

Rafał Wołoszyn says:

Epic song :D:D

Luis Salzedas says:

Awesome video! One of the best ideas ever!
Allways loved it!

linn burma says:

I just wanna cry

Emre Abele says:

agree.damn good.

MrWhiteguy6 says:

where are those one minute long metallica intros? :(

maniac32145 says:

Soon i will get CDL license and i will drive a truck with crazy subfoower
and i will pay this song on loud, very loud on my way to my destination.
Hello Lithuania!!

photoman123456 says:

охуительное видео, охуительная песня и охуительнейшая команда

Blake Gildaphish says:


Pricila henriquez araya says:

buen video la cago =)

Ujjwal Tripathi says:

Nirvana= Salvation (y)

trollkors78 says:

Censored version without true strip 😀

NYDivorce says:

Good video

Brandon Robinson says:


Crimsonhelldragon says:

I hear this woman was a pornostar during 70s. Is this story on the video
real or stood up for the video. Who is really she?

bryancmcguire says:

the thing that kills me ginger lynn the actress who did porn and tried to
do legit movies was the moml in this video and she is such a good actress
even dated charlie sheen(he plays the john in this video that picks her up
on street corner and slaps her) but hollywood wouldnt let her leave the
porn past behind and do big budget movies so she had to go back to porn to
make big bucks! So Sad she was good in this. Pity…

MetalKotaka94 says:

Nirvana isn’t a place it’s a state of mind, Nirvana is freedom from all
desire and you probably aren’t ready for it

Haroldo Alves says:


O'Neil Godfrey says:

*Metallica – Turn the Page*

Casey Thomas says:

Metallica Rocks 

Rivie Pratiwo says:

If I could start my life all over again, I would make exact same choices
that I made.

Juan Pablo A. says:

When you’re ridin’ 16 hours,
and there’s nothin’ much to do
And you don’t feel much like ridin’,
you just wish the trip was through….

#NowPlaying #NowListening 

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