Michael Bublé – “Haven’t Met You Yet” [Official Music Video]

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2009 WMG Michael Bublé – “Haven’t Met You Yet” [Official Music Video]. From the album Crazy Love available on iTunes here: http://www.smarturl.it/MBcrazylo…


Norma Palazuelos says:

Chulada!! <3

Sake Laine says:

I love how different this is to Russian Unicorn

Aggie Chip-Nelson says:

Mmmm a favorite!

Kerstin Rose says:

Would love to see him in Barcelona

june jason says:

I haven’t met Mr right yet but when I do he’ll love me for who I am not my
profile cause I want someone to love me not when I sing love song but when
I give them my heart and passion, and to never let go of my heart 

James LeNinja says:

this is just amazing

Baudoin Baldwin says:

My favorite tune

Brett Odom says:

My theme song.

Dener Matheus Souza Santos says:

I think it should be in ” How I met your mother ‘”

Mckenzie Johnson says:

*Sigh* I just haven’t met Him Yet :)

Emily Hemler says:

I still am unsure why its in a grocery store….

Hannah Michelot says:

lol they just all start randomly dancing xD

jalen sablan says:

(turns on song while dancing in the spring rain)

starangel412 says:

I’m going to the market right now!! hahaha!!

2009gardenia says:

Killarney Market & Michael Bublé: “Haven’t Met You Yet”

Xxxhelenxxx says:

Hi guys please watch my newest video ;)! Subscribe me then I subscribe you
back ;)!

deb bb says:

J’adore ! ^-^

jean robert antoine says:

I feel crazy for that song!

Gilbert Menendez says:

the lyrics in this song make no sense at all

Maya Jagdev says:

Such a joyfull video and luv luv this song

Jose Mendieta says:

Google like gelo

Erin Crane says:

I love this song! I actually came here to comapre it to Bad Lip Reading’s
Russian Unicorn.

Mary Brackett says:

<3 perfect!

nuclearfrog306 says:

2:35 and peein in your life is gonna change me

baylee jones says:

Cool from Tim

maraquia1 says:

Russian Unicorn

Josie Wind says:

Somebody should start up a chain of Dating Grocery Stores.E-Harmony meets
King Soopers: the rest is history.

sierramaili says:

I dont know if anyone knows this, but Michael meet his wife on the set of
this video, and so all of their reactions are completely real. When she
flew in from Argentina to do the video he HADN’T met her yet and they
started dating and got married because of this song. Ironic isn’t it? I
just thought that was pretty cool…

estevan cm says:

One of the best music video ever… He is the best.

Ellie Kirwin says:


Blake Laurie says:

his movements are so awkward

MrPeyo28 says:

My favorite….song. 

smitie de combatcrafter says:

why is she wearing a wedding ring?

Jackson Fuller says:

Russian Unicorn!

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