Michael Jackson – Remember The Time

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Music video by Michael Jackson performing Remember The Time. (C) 1992 MJJ Productions Inc.


Eric Adkinson says:

Cant never front on a video with BET’s big lez, the prince of zamunda,
magic johnson, iman, deebo, who? DEE-BO! And of course, mike.

Gabby Erby says:

Michael knew about the THOTS way before they were thought of! Lol 

Rochelle Franklin says:

i’ve watched it so many times and its STILL AWESOME!!!!!!!

Model_College_life18 says:

Favorite Song by Michael Love the Vid the Iman looking Gorg Eddy Murphy is
one of my faborite actors Michael is a legend the vid is wonderful overall
10 :)

ail lia says:

Genius Angel ♥

qarahiyo says:

Eddie Murphy with his Hakeem voice lol!

Maritza Treviño says:

Best dance moves I’ve ever seen in my life

weall lovebutt says:

Eddie Murphy

TwistTVShow says:


ColosoulCameron says:

This was when new Michael Jackson videos premiered on network and cable
television. None of these so called artists today know nothing about that.
I remember the day this one premiered. The Jacksons, especially Michael
and Janet, are on a different wavelength than all their contemporaries and
just did it better. It must be something in their blood. 

Stephiex says:

8:57 ♥♥♥♥

RuneFun12 says:

Yes we can do everything,
And I mean, everything! Chuckajam on!
Up in my Wishing Tree! Hee hee! Ooooooooh!

gtofan4536kyric says:

thot thot double thot 

LaCheleWallace says:

In 1991, it was all about Dangerous, Emotion by Mariah Carey and Smells
Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana. Good times in music. This song and Can’t Help
It are my favorite Michael song. Remember The Times just feels good inside.

osob musa says:

THOT? anyone?

Gabby Erby says:

Damn I miss you so much Michael!!!

Linda Levario says:

Michael Jackson will always be my heart

Rebecca Leary says:

i love you Michael jackson its a shame you died

Donald Bicknell says:


victoria maikrish says:

3:59 Eddie Murphy’s face!

gregory peck says:

What movie is this?

madison arrington says:

This is the Jam right here little kids grown ups and adults can luv this

陈卡尔 says:

was that Magic Johnson?

Don ricochet says:

micheal jackson is telling the farao’s where black for sure…

Sergio Santibanez says:

oh mj fukkin the Pharaoh wife no doubt lol

TheKingb6 says:

Magic Johnson??

Kevin Eduardo Mancilla Carvajal says:


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