Michael Jackson – Scream

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Music video by Michael Jackson performing Scream. © 1995 MJJ Productions Inc.


Red Vines says:

One of my two most favorite Michael Jackson songs/videos – Scream and
Remember the Time. I remember both of these videos world premiers on MTV.
This was labeled a “Breakthrough Video” when it came out. It still is over
20 years later.

totalannihilator99 says:

He actually made many young boys SCREAM once they were trapped in his high
security pedo bedroom.

Lisa Annamarie says:

<3 Michael!

Anna Makaryeva says:

Michael makes me wanna scream :3 <3

SillyRainbowMagic says:

this is the most expensive music video ever yet they couldnt afford it in
color lol

Sephera K Hiram says:

This Is What I Feel Like Ding Right Now!

Annie McClartney says:

Janet Jackson is so pretty woman

Willyans Maciel says:

Yesterday, today, forever!

shayne williams says:

I’m pretty sure every guys mind is semi stuck at 2:20 and 3:29 LOL

Cree M says:

I’ve always wanted to cover the choreography with my brothers. Someday I
hope to dance well enough to do so.

Kubra Ceren Kurtulus says:

HAYRANIM BU SARKIYAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Janet and
Mihael Jackson) 😉 :D

steelrain64 says:

idk why but this thought just came to me. It would be epic if MJ was a
playable character in Dead Space

Channing Tatum says:

whenever im fucking angry like right now i listen to this song!! <3 <3

Oscar Olalde says:

Oh my God, can’t believe what I saw on the TV this evening
I was disgusted by all the injustice…

FancyLibra27 says:


Kriss Kross says:

This song is dedicated to all those motherfucking ignorant haters and
losers out there….!!!

Alexis Ellis says:

=3 3

ford explore says:

Love Michael, Love Janet, Love their hair, Love the song, Love their hair,
and I LOVE the leather!

Orne Salinas says:

I would give all to be 5 minutes with the king :( I miss him so much! :'(

Tyrone Asterino says:

Family fun,on a famous level.

Nathan Paul Prince says:


Sir Handel says:

This video is so gay but I like the song.

victor alvarado perez says:


~SamSugar~ says:

so cool! looks like so muck fun!

Rudolf Visser says:

I’m almost sure he didnt do anything to those little boys…. Better look
at their parents who saw him as a source of money !! If u listen to his
lyrics, he is already talking about all the injustice in the world… When
are people going to see this, but nooooo . they rather live the dream :(

felicia johnson says:

stop pressuring me just stop fucking with me!!

Tatum Osborne says:

the Osmond’s dont have shit on this sister bro duo…. 

Jim James says:

Nothing like two sisters getting together to make a music video.

caliente houston says:

mj looks like a badass anime character here

Indy ATL says:

I love the fact these two siblings stuck together through thick and thin. 

emnet frankemnet says:

Michael is super cool

Lulu Kauderwelsch says:

Dat synchroness – you can see that they are siblings ♥♥

Bob Mrk says:

beautiful tune

Jaren Smith says:

Hey guys if you wanna listen to mj go here to grooveshark. im broadcasting
a mj show called the ultimate collection with some unrealesed mj songs and
hopefully to make a good conversation about mj

Sanctumwolves 12 says:

Michael Jackson kinda looks like a girl and ahe kinda sounds like a girl. I
don’t hate him or anything I’m just not a big fan. It’s just my opinion.

Javan Davis says:

I love this soung

Yanii EsteF says:

Michael ♥ 

Alexis Minors says:

Literally, one of the greatest songs and videos of all song. The lyrics are
simple yet powerful and the video is both creative and inspiring. R.I.P

Jazmin Lovespandas says:

He looks high lol

Franklyn Bell says:

omg the best

Viraj Shah says:

Most expensive video ever made… Can see why

Big Rich says:

most expensive music video of all time
7 mil or 11 mil with inflation 

Lindsey Jackson says:

I love janet and micheal they were the closet in the jackson family. Big
bro and lilttle sis lol

Kiki Jackson says:

3:05 to 3:34 is pure art, just so epic…..goodness

Mrs. Shaw says:

The video should be exactly as it is in the animatic, including live-action
scenes and an uncensored naked Murdoc at the end. The completed video is
expected to be released on March 26, 2014!

Daphane Luckett says:

It was cute when they were playing the video game

Celestial B says:

oh Janet. 

Tiarra Scott says:

I Love How They Were Playing Games , Danced And Hugged With Each Other ❤️ ,
This Will Forever Be My Favorite Michael And Janet Jackson Song Ever

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