Michael Jackson – “XSCAPE” Album Teaser | #MJXSCAPE

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Watch the official teaser for Michael Jackson’s upcoming album XSCAPE, out May 13th and available NOW pre-order. Pre-order Xscape on iTunes Now: http://smart…


Michael Jackson says:

Watch the official teaser for XSCAPE, featuring the album artwork and an
audio clip from the title track! #MJXSCAPE

Sam Elias says:

the teaser is killing me 

Ken GiaGa says:

my idol, king of pop! <3

StaccssMusicTV says:


Paul Carmona says:

I thought Michael left Sony with great fan fare while holding up a sign
‘Sony kills music’ .. why are you still milking him? Yes I realize that the
new album is being released by Epic records .. who owns Epic records? Sony
– anyone who buys this is spitting on Michael’s grave

DubstepFan38 says:

Does anyone know what Michael Jackson thought of Sony? I am VERY eager to

Rico Roman says:

The orginal demo/recording of this song that has been out for a years is a
fantastic MJ song! Hearing this little sample, I hope they didnt change it
up too much, either way I am exctied.

غاده مايكل says:


unatics says:

The best you have never heard ( if you don`t have the Internet).

ILIA M says:

1,000,000!!! MJ fans slayyyy!!!! <3

Andrew White says:

I hope this sells millions without the help of radio. They just play his
old stuff on adult contemporary stations, which they should, otherwise
you’re disrespecting his legacy and contributions to modern music, but if
there’s something new that they haven’t played that’s being released, then
play the goddamn music. And if they don’t, fuck them. Who needs radio for
it to reach everyone? Even dead, his new stuff sounds better than One
Direction, Chris Brown, Pitbull, J.Lo., Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Selena
Gomez. Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Usher, Ne-Yo, Drake, Lil’ Wayne or any
other rappers except Eminem, any EDM DJ, and I’ll stop short of saying Lady
Gaga, Justin Timberlake, and Katy Perry because for some reason they never
bore me. Then there’s Madonna, who I used to love, but now I finally can’t
stand her and her schtick anymore.

TheDragonSmasher says:

It’s funny that Michael Jackson makes the best music out there.. even as
dead. (but of course i know other people finished these songs)

Mary Jackson says:

OMG!!IM so happy!!I cant wait it♡♥I want it so much♡♥♡

ail lia says:

L.O.V.E. The King, forever!!! ♥

michael joseph jackson says:

I love you michael I love your new album xckape I love you rest in peace
life love mia

Chloe Robinson says:

Can someone tell me what happened between Michael Jackson and Sony? Because
I’m really excited for this album but I’m confused about all the drama
about it 

MJ ❥ U Give ME Butterflies ♡ says:

Dang, this video got over a 1,000,000 views now! This is the Most
anticipated 15 secs of music I’ve Eva seen!

OscarSmiiley says:

GOT THE ALBUM <3 <3 <3 

mathias montero says:

say no wing piracy, let’s all buy xscape michael jackson

Robbie Glover says:

Can we have another teaser please? Ta! :-) 

salvatore scotti says:

Michael Jackson..? Are you immortal (?)..

Tayyeb Mahmud says:

I thought he died :( but if he didn’t that would be AWESOME :)

Omar Mardini says:

So he is still alive??

carole foury says:

J’adore! michael the best! i love you!

Afaque Quadri says:

I Preordered It Already!

Shumager Dave says:

pongan Stranger in Moscow 

Ola Chaarani says:

I love Micheal Jackson I do but ISIN’T HE DEAD! I mean in a serious way not
a stupid way. 

jose manuel franco says:


tyrone chirino says:

DAMNNNN!!! Choreogrephy Timeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Adriana Aguilar Rz says:

The king returns!

Ilia Mamagulashvili says:

Stop the drama! Start the music <3 #MJXSCAPE 

TK1996 says:

New MICHAEL Legend

Rosen Lyubomirov says:

I can’t wait 1 more month!! 

kat hume says:

Michael Jackson went to heavn where he is alive and well.. his body temple
is being used by assholes to profit from him and they are not ever going to
heaven. my humble opinion

Jordan Ancrum says:

No it’s not, Michael Jackson already made his legacy, they just keeping him
alive….. idc I’m buying it…… nobody said nothing when 2pac was
releasing his unreleased track , john lenon fans didn’t say nothing so why
y’all tripping bruh lol frfr I don’t like that

Frank De Ovando says:

I’m so torn when it comes to this stuff. I lovvvvve Michael and his music
so of course I’m beyond excited. But if you really payed close attention to
MJ and his life you’ll know how much he despised sony, and how much they
screwed him. So for that reason, this makes me sad. 

02sjohnson says:

im happy about this new cd but i dont think micheal jackson would ever make
a cover like that. I wish there was more micheal in the cover :/ Dont kill
me but its just my thots.. 

Nicholas Raimondo says:

This song has been out since 2008 but I’m happy it’s at least coming out on
a real album and not hiding on the dark side of the internet. If you look
up the fake album Michael JAckson SEVEN YOU will find it on the track list.
I was wondering why I felt like I heard the song. BUT YA NEW ALBUM: )

Webley119 says:

I miss the great MJ 

Paolly29 says:

Fuck you sony .l. MICHAEL I LOVE YOU♡

MissStarJess says:

Yay 1 million views :-$

Rodolfo Silva says:

This is It

Mac Motte says:

Shut up and take ALL my money !

Gabriel Jackson de Colatina says:

Love , i am impersonator of brazil

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