Migos – New Atlanta Feat. Young Thug, Rich Homie Quan & Jermaine Dupri [Prod. By Murda] (CDQ)

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I Do Not Own This Song. No Copyright Infringement Intended. Migos – New Atlanta Migos – New Atlanta Migos – New Atlanta Migos – New Atlanta Migos – New Atlan…


ExclusiveMusic™ says:

For The People That Dont Know This Is Jermaine Dupri’s Song. This Is A
Remix, Original song came out years ago. Jermaine Dupri – Welcome To

Edwin Hernandez says:

Yall aint get zaytoven to produce thats where yall fucked up lol

gorillapimp29 says:

Love dis underground sht!!!

Ameer Ali says:

All I know is that Atlanta sad in football saints all day

Jack Weems says:

This is disgrace to Atlanta. All these rappers are GARBAGE! We went from
Kriss Kross, Outkast, Luda, TI (mid 2000s TI) to this fucking garbage. This
is garbage music and I want old school ATL rappers to return. Not this new
garbage, basic lyrics crap.

I’m from ATL and I’m embarrassed these rappers represent ATL

Ale X Tha Man says:

Ian from atl but this go hard 

domochaos says:

new atlanta artists are talented if you hate new atlanta, chances are uve
never done research on the artist and ur just following what people say on
the internet.

MissesCalibaby89 says:

they all aite not lyrical but fun to turn up to music ain all about big
words or being complicated its about making people feel u an feel good
sometimes because music evokes emotion from jazz to hip hop to scattin
where back in the day they aint even say real words but i’d like to hear
rich homie and young thug on emanuel scott song “girls that don’t smoke” or
his song “roll up” that shit would go ham!!!!

blacknarutofan says:

Somebody put Childish Gambino and K camp on here.

131INFERNAPE says:

I get that they’re new and all but mi god suck i dot know I just dot like
them. I keep trying to give them a chance. Theirs like only one good one
but I don’t even know his name because they all have weird names that make
them sound sound like they’re part of a movie. It sounds to me like all
they do is yell random shit that rhymes until they run out of breath and
then another migo comes in. 

BitchAssNeecah says:

Quavo didnt snap on this at all..
… I hope YRN 2 be good.
Takeoff and Offset specially Offset be going off


Anything migos thugger and quan get on together bound to be a hit ..

Tobirachi says:

Offset please go Solo these niggas making you look bad.

jazz jackson says:

he said “Young nigga, you stay with your mama, call you Bartholomew”
BWHAHAHAHA I hope everyone understood that reference lol

gorillapimp29 says:

All dem niggaz grinding still…dey ain’t stars yet…a “group” of
undergrounds don’t make u “mainstream” y’all bustas!!!!

ÕBÉỲ Bráñðõñ says:

Keep yall updated lol

Jumbotron says:

Needed Longway on here

Jamonta Whitfield says:

Brand New shit

MrMentholSlim says:

lyrical genius.

smoove bugz says:


Tyrone Paige says:

new atlanta baby

michael holloman says:

Da shishh GO HAARD!!

Hittaz78 says:

The beat is copied on Hillstarz – Booty shake

Vonnie Davison says:

Welcome to Richmond ca

unda1 says:

where peewee at he woulda ate this hoe.

gorillapimp29 says:

All dem niggaz grinding still…dey ain’t stars yet…a “group” of
undergrounds don’t make u “mainstream” y’all bustas!!!!

Bre Sye says:

1.) It was Welcome to ATL with Jermaine Dupri ft Ludacris.
2.) They made a remix on that song had Diddy, Murphey Lee and Snoop Dog on
3.) Now this remixed the remix of “Welcome to ATL”

for people who didn’t know lol 

Ashley Morgan says:

No zaytiggy wtf

Jalen Ligon says:

Should’ve had Peewee Longway on here

Elliott Skye says:

Shoulda Had johhny cinco instead of RHQ!!!

tra mackey says:

y’all didn’t hear when quavo said fuck the new atlanta

sarah brown says:


kenny gaston says:

Kcamp not from atlanta he from milwaukee

JP Payne says:


Stefon Lyon says:

Im from Detroit not Atlanta, so don’t get mad when I ask this question.
What happen to Travis Porter?

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