MIKA feat Ariana Grande – Popular song (Official Music Video)

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Music video by MIKA performing Popular Song. (C) 2013 Casablanca Music, LLC under exclusive licensing to Universal Republic Records, a division of UMG Record…


Ariana Grande says:
Angel's Wings says:

So the moral of the video is revenge is good? Love it though :p

Tayler Weichold says:

This is also disney song

Kracki96 says:

1:10 That smile :D

RubyKfx says:


miriam aberkane says:


Camila Salazar Durango says:


Gerard Dinabanza says:

Popular chick

Bruna Vitória says:

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cuinn frederick says:

Lllllllllllllooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeee this sooooooonnnnnnngggggg

sanjana srivastava says:

luv ariana grande 

Mirja2 says:

The video is awesome

miriam aberkane says:


Shanque Embry says:

Gouth poisuning people haha

Bubblegumpop says:

Creepy but different
The end thoe haha

Lynnia Maggie says:

1:08 arianas look :D

fashiontip21 says:

I love everything about this!!!! The video and the song!!!<3333

Melissa Perilli says:

brilliant :)

Temnyye Volk says:

That’s one hell of a grudge…

Mar Ryan says:

i love this song sooooooooo much

Alanis Horan says:

I love this song xox

Zeynep Yagiz says:

I love you so much 

A St says:

Total cool!

So Va says:

Great Video and song <3

Andrew Ramjag says:

This shit is crazy 

antonella gasparini says:

I love this song is very catchy lol XD

marvin bringas says:

1:08 Mika is standing in the back

Litelgirl Msp says:

I love this song :-)

Anita Cristina Pedraza Navarro says:

popular song siiiiii

Kelly Pham says:

The toilet part made me throw up

Shazarna Harvey says:

video bit creepy BUT I LOVE THIS SONG!! first time heaaring it!!

Rebecca Mcgoldrick says:

amazing song xx

Maria Lopez says:


Cecilia Escobar says:

Wow love song love u Ariana

Charlene Luvambu says:

This song is very good

Adrienne Camile says:

i love

Ashley Lopez says:

I llllllllllllloooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeee this song

Vitch Kon says:

that smile

Dequan Lawrence says:

That plot twist tho… i really like this song and the music video

rim kharroubi says:

I loveeeeeeeee

Joshua Carr says:

Catchy song. Sort of creepy music video on second thought.

Jeremy Bowling says:

I love the whole idea of the song!

Doro1811 says:

Wow. Can´t believe it. This is so damn good.

Kurt Jurischka says:

What is with the Song “The Way” of Ariana i love this Song

Makenzie Basden says:

Fav song by Ariana!!!!

Bella Ariana says:

I ❤️u ArianaGrande ❤️❤️❤️❤️

snowball achebe says:

I only watched for ariana

Kittenep says:

I’m so stupid. I just realized they based this song off of that one song
from Wicked. Wow.

Bella K. says:


miriam aberkane says:

Voooool cooool

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