Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball

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Download the album “Bangerz” on iTunes: Music video by Miley Cyrus performing Wrecking Ball. (C) 2013 RCA Records, a divis…


earlyriseband says:

Please check out some of my covers

BlazzingBlocks says:

I think the visuals were a little inappropriate, but the song if you don’t
see the video, just the song is amazing!

Kovács Nikii says:

Yeeeeees Miley!! 575 684 756 view:)♥ Goooo girl.

Mark Torochkin says:

why everybody r so negative abt this clip?

Neva Tataj says:

and i still dont understand those 2.123.898 likes 

Dafne Priscila Salinas Lopez says:

Bitch Cyrus .|.

gleeCapital says:

Miley Cyrus – Summertime Sadness – live cover
on my channel!

Toxic Justice / Been in Toxic for a year :) says:

*Sigh…. Where’s my gun at?

it s just for fun realy says:

you know i will never *GRATED CHESE*AGAIN THANKS MILEY f#$$we#%#%^^

Paweł Regel says:

She was hotter before she lost weight, she dropped all the good stuff…

Kenzie Hill says:

this video needs to be taken off, its terrible, watch the chat-roulette
parody of this, its funny as hell, and i don’t get the whole her being nude
on a wrecking ball and licking a hammer, what the fuck is that suppose to
show ?, how crazy she is, if so, she’s doing a hell of a good job, Miley
please stop doing what you doing and return to being Hannah Montana because
you suck now and you’re just as bad as Justin Beiber. Please people who
hates Miley, click the dislike button, maybe if this video receives more
dislikes, they will remove it from Vevo forever, thanks !!!!!

Teodora Jankov says:

Miley you are pretty girl!
You have beautiful songs!
Come to Serbia !
Serbia loves you!!
Serbia need you!!!

Susan Irawan says:

:) , . ..
perfect .!!


Luciane Santana says:

You have beautiful blue eyes Miley Cyrus.

gregorio hermandez says:

Hi guys I used to be a killer now im kill some people I will search your
you cut your power off if your power is off then its me dont fall sleep I
will come to kill but go to sleep

James Ellis says:


ekain andueza says:

before you were prettier

Keaton Albert says:

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Keaton Albert
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Sean Anderson says:

It’s a good song, and she’s got a decent voice, but why does she have to be
naked, and being all sensual with her hammer, seriously though, get some
professionalism. And what truely annoys me is, she could be beautiful, but
I can’t get past this trailer trash/ G.I.Jane look she has going on.

ActivE CZ says:

Love the song but that clip ,man :/

ana paula mora says:

You aré very stupid the relious of the people échate

JunHao Hu says:

Omg this song is fuck gross

the game bro's says:

This would be better with some nipple action 

李靜怡 says:


Marcius Nzn says:

really? theres one Pink already, stop being a slut please.

Ruel Fancubit says:


Alex Sosa says:

This is my favorite singer. I understand the video too. This is the only
way she could express her feelings. This is how she felt when she was
filming the video. She’s a true artist. I love her

ashli guido says:

I hate this video Miley Cyrus!!!!!!!

steven lambiase says:

poor billy ray

Agus Rianto says:


Eric Northman says:

i fail to understand why people call this “gross” >.>

Eline Mann Music says:

Ehrm……she has nice shoes I gues!

brendan bradley says:


Hannah Paseur says:

What happened to Miley

anuj pateriya says:

Guys please watch the cover of we cant stop on my channel!

king gameing says:

R.I.P Disney Miley Cyrus 

Diamond Cottle says:

Although I don’t really like the visuals in this, I’ll ignore it and say
that Miley definitely is trying to be someone other than Hannah Montana.
She’s done a great job with this song but she still has some inner
searching to do to find who she really is. 

Minerva Owl says:

I used to like Miley as a “DISNEY’S STAR” but after that…. don’t talk
about it…. ;(

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