“Mistaken For Strangers” Trailer

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Pre-order at the official site for Mistaken for Strangers: http://www.mistakenforstrangersmovie.com.


Rachel Haytsidt says:

So excited. So excited. 

vivanesca says:

I NEED to see this.

Yaroslav Bayda says:

i’m eagerly waiting for this piece of art

Emily Jordet says:

Cannot wait to see this!

indiesongaday says:

“He is a rock star and I am not… and it’s always been that way.” Matt
was probably in his early 30s before “rock star” was a reasonable

dave l. underwood says:

the National.

Carol Soares says:


Apparition says:


Philippe Adam says:

I.. Cant… Wait for this to come out!!!! Love you matt <3

Enki says:

Just saw this at the film festival in Sedona. Not bad.

Josh Lewis says:

I have seen countless live musical performances in my life and these guys
were incomparable. Most influential band I have ever seen. 

Zaharia Bogdan says:

HEY MOBY! ahaha

Connory Ballantyne says:

This could become a staple in band documentaries…. It seems so

gakeppl says:

saw the movie last week and loved it.i clapped my hands while terrible love
was playing.good job guys!

Aaron Donovan says:

Saw this one Tuesday at the concert. Fantastic. Well done

Radiohead4121 says:

Looks amazing, can’t wait!

Julio Inoa says:

Annie Clark at 0:45. I just got more excited to see this.

avestavsdante says:

thank U Tom

Soph says:

Hey Moby! Hahahahaha!

joseph decker says:

when can we get a second chance in NYC … 

Caragh Walsh says:

All of the yes.

isitgettinheavy says:

The only reason you are here is you’re my brother. Classic

Albert Villa says:

Seeing them the 25th so this is amazing!!!! 

Elizabeth Gomez says:

Finally! ive been waiting to see this movie forever! so happy I can buy it
and watch it

SteeScribbles says:

I am so happy this is coming out on demand.

isitgettinheavy says:

Can’t wait.

rlevoi says:

Awesome I see they used the scenes from The Academy of Music show I

H. HEXAHE says:

“You’ve gotta lean towards the things that make you like yourself, and
forget everything else.” So true 

James Highberger says:

I want to see this so bad

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