Moshe Kasher – Stand up Comedian

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Moshe Kasher talks about visiting Ireland–the worst place in the world. See it and more on his special “Live In Oakland” available in-stores and online from…


Joseph Stabenow says:

“Leprechaunese,” so good!

Alexandria Mouasher says:

I love you!! I enjoy all your stand up! And I think you’re hot :)

Steve Maher says:

I know this is supposed to be comedy but what country is this guy supposed
to have gone to?

Geoff Morrison says:

A very stereotypical perception of Irish people from a stand up who
probably only got a tiny window of what he saw of us. It’s a shame he got
this reaction from a handful of Irish people. I’m half thinking, fuck, do
most tourists who visit here just think we’re fall down alcoholics? But at
the same time, FUCK THIS GUY! 

97footprints says:

Hahahahahahaha Ireland hates you too Moshe :)

PotatoeSam5000 says:

wow fuck this guy 

Alan Lucid says:

I find this very offensive as a leprechaun :(

DudeAbides8519 says:

This guy is great.

grandpoopy1 says:

Not funny. Next! Bring out the long hook! Hook it around his neck. Pull
him in. He’s embarassing himself.

bigleonard1984 says:

I was one of the dudes you walked past, we didn’t say Jew or nerd, or
possible. Just gay as fuck. Which is fine, but your over the top gayness is

dubtat says:

Who does he think he’s fooling with “possible” gay ?

ballparkfrank33 says:

spot fking on man, i thought the same thing- a fruit with a grudge

Alice Iona says:

I love this guy he’s hilarious and pretty cute

arsviatticae says:

He’s among the best comedians ever, the more I watch him.

JavnaGolina says:

I’ve been to Ireland a lot, he has a point.

Joseph Freese says:

lol pretty funny dude

t54y2c56kuv7l9 says:

Big ears, tall hair, oversize glasses, good look for comedy.

Jacob Code says:

Ahem I’VE READ ALL THE NARNIA BOOKS 9 TIMES! now with that out of the way,

exiBlaze says:

he uses that in his jokes all the time. relax yourself lmao.

gohan2064 says:


666armynofx says:

No, fuck you guys.

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