Muppets Most Wanted Super Bowl Extended Spot (2014) – Muppets Movie HD

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BlueLight says:

Actually I am not very interested in Muppets but I will see this movie
because of Tom Hiddleston ♥

ds37 says:

0:51 got me, my armpits are sweating.

Ser Tom Ray Marin says:

0:29 danny trejo, ray lliota, hornswoggle!

nickgreu4ever says:

hahah they tricked me :P

Davis R Callaway says:

This is the best trailer i have seen.

Nia14 says:

0:51 Tom!

xImz06x says:

Loool totes made me rofl. #hashtagtom 

SuperHopefaithlove says:

That was TOM!!!!

mari42793 says:

i don’t like the Muppets, but I gotta admit this peaked my interest

Tan Phaik Kuan says:


evon noy says:

i literally thought my laptop lagged at 0:52

Gerald Gardner says:

There’s a movie called Let My Puppets Come (1976). People hump puppets.
Watch it.

SherryBirkinGirl1 says:

would only see this movie for tom hiddleston 

Rachael Park says:

I honestly thought my computer froze. :|

Fallen Angel G.M. says:

“Was that Tom Hiddleston?” Well, I guess I got my answer.

4hotpink10 says:


Lurmen says:

Omfg Tom

tmseh says:

Ten !

Robberator says:

the trailers for this movie are a-mazing

josh Spall says:

is that Mordecai from trs as kermit 

Xander Therrien says:

Every trailer should have the comments made by Twitter or Facebook in them
instead of The reviews that come from the companies

Justice Suks says:

😀 lol :)

XTremeParaNormanFan says:


Kongolox says:

wth o.O

OMFGcataFAN1 says:

unlike most people it seems, when the movie stopped i simply looked at the
timer and it kept going so yeah. :)

pepe loco says:


kat578 says:

Ok NOW I want to see this movie XD

warpdoor says:

i had this fullscreen and a thought i was getting hacked or youtube had
some new retarded ad system

MOVIECLIPS Trailers says:
Anna Schah says:

*Узнаёте этих зелёных зверушкоф? Да! “Маппеты” возвращаются!)*

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