My Chemical Romance – Helena [Official Music Video]

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2005 WMG Directed by Marc Webb Pre-order MCR’s limited edition of the greatest hits album “May Death Never Stop You” at and th…


Ariliss M says:

I love this song

ぱんこ PanKo says:

Holy Crap found this song again.

Taylor Shaputis says:

Havent heard this since i was 8. Now i listen to skrillex alot more, at 15
Ima dj 

thankyouforthevenom6 says:

i never did take off my shirt.

AngeUhhLina says:

the sad part is i’m as pale as helena in real life

PixieLovesItAll says:

It’s kind of weird for me to know that this came from before The Black
Parade, Danger Days and Conventional Weapons. To me, it will always be My
Chem’s last song. This was the last song that they played at the last show,
doing what they loved.

So Long and Goodnight. 

clare bear says:

when i die, this shit better happen at my funeral, i’m serious, i want
people dancing, i want a band there, then i will be able to rest in peace 

Paula Tartarotti says:

Awww miss my 15 years ! this time <3333

jarret banks says:

Not my favorite I listened to it because I wanted to hear the original.
Chasing safety did an AMAZING cover of this song go check it out :)

Katie Pollard says:

I sure do miss you +My Chemical Romance. Please come back? Also is it
morbid for me to say I want my funeral to be like this video?

#MyChemicalRomance #MCR #RIP #Helena #ComeBack

Disco Saturn (Or DSAvariya MISinterprets WHF06) says:

What’s the worst Barack could say?
Things are better en Français
Solon hammed good night! Solon hammed good night!
Well, if you’re Carrie Hunt – this way:
Things are better in France, eh?
Solo a good knight, Solo a good knight

saddudinsyahmi says:

This kind of song is categorized as rare in mtv nowadays.

keila rodriguez says:

just one of those song that no matter how old it gets you still play

metalskim says:

Helena is MCR theatrics at its most believeable. I generally hate this
band and their music. I’m Not WHOA kay is one of those representative
singles that really annoy the piss out of me, but this song, damn, it

Jarek Kitchens says:

whos the one with the glasses?

Austin Bell says:

So mainstream but so good.

Kevin Setiawan says:


Luna Raven says:


Molly Mccolgan says:

Gerard is so damn sexy in this video >.<

MG Tutos2611xp says:

i think this song is perfect to paul walker:(

z3r0 phr34k says:

This music video is emo as fuck! Love it! 

Mr. Potato Muncher says:

XD I got a spray tan commercial before dis! Dafuq?

justawasteofspase says:

This sounds eerily similar to half-truism by the offspring… Hmmmm

Analise Mensah says:

when i was younger i use to always hear this playing in the morning when i
get ready for school haha

Jamie Huxley says:

I love this song It reminds me of the corpse bride 

Henro_Concesso says:

Gotic High School Musical :1

Luanna Demitrov says:

Mcr i love you until i die

Senorita Evanita says:

Oh god, so much nostalgia!

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