Mystery Skulls – “Ghost” (Official Music Video)

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Cosette L says:

The ending got me haha! Great song!

anangrysockpuppet says:


Preston Steger says:

ATTENTION MYSTERY SKULLS FANS. Get this video to 1 million views!!!
#makeitviral #makeithappen

Kyle Mac says:

Not sure what this video has to do with the song…

Rene Schrijnemakers says:

Mystery Skulls – Ghost

Love2Destroy says:


Eldwin Pieterse says:

that was epic… i love this mucic video

Joe Goldstein says:

I’ve been rocking out to this for the better part of a year, but this new
mastering is terrible. They got rid of the chorus’s fat bass, that white
noise crash that opens the chorus doesn’t mesh, the vocals sound weaker,
and the opening synth sounds filtered to shit. What the hell happened?

RandomDuckOfficial says:

These guys better get some money now, they deserve it and they always has.

Feryl Music says:

Bastards! I just nearly crapped myself!

gurveer351 says:

Lol that ending made me jump

sorou says:

i love this song so much it’s not even funny anymore

kloi brooks says:

3….That jump scare tho….lol

toastnoodles says:

Im pretty sure im 5,000 of these views 

KefkaJr says:

Dude, tour to Boston

Diamondguls says:

Guys i don’t quite think that first guy was the exorcist they
needed…..but it was the one they deserved 

ityhopps says:

I think I would have to agree that the previous version is better. It’s
awesome that they got signed though… bout time.

rose luck says:


The fedora was the giveaway

Oliver Mackenzie says:

Remix EP incoming?

Tim Logan says:

10 people are still possessed 

Bliss Channel says:

fine clip!

ZephernVideos says:

Glad to finally see more people able to view your work now.

muggzymurda420 says:

Very cool. Ive never heard of this group b4

vivien yong says:

yes fight the evil with some fresh dance moves 

Ryce Swanson says:

Awesome, Mystery Skulls is definitely going places.

Lucent says:

Man, when you listen to that and look at other pages and forget about the
scream at the end every time. =l

Stijn Keijzer says:

That end is sucking big dick! Fuck that shit.

killslay says:

Words cannot describe how much I love this music video. And the song is
catchy as fuck too

SteinNachtigall says:

Exorcising demons through the power of dance

Lisa Jackson says:

LOVE Mystery Skulls!

PermaVermin says:


cooperwick says:

fuck you fuck that ending

iffconsulting says:

Ho God ! LOL !!!

Red Bwoi says:

*Beyonce voice* ride that bitch like a surf board

Danny Taylor says:



Very Nice

jairo nation says:

Good song

auddybod says:

I’ve been a fan of this song for a long time – I’ve listened to it on
soundcloud countless times. I absolutely love the differences in the final
product, from making it longer to changing the mixing slightly. It’s

Also, fuck you for the ending.

Andrei Vulchev says:

Amazing Track !!!

Chris Le says:

He exorcised a pentagram with Mystery Skull’s initials; I wonder what that
means. Beautiful MV.


You guys are little bitches, crying about the end. You seriously can’t
handle a little jump scare?

OshMMf says:

The ending xD

Videos4all says:

Die Mugge is echt MEGA !!! Aber das Video macht einem Angst :)

Th3C0sm1c0wl says:

Dat ending

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