New RnB Songs 2012!!! [Best R&B Songs Ever]

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These are some hot new tracks and maybe a few old ones ahaha soz ! This video i made coz i just hit 900000 views ; ThankYou guys and i hope u keep watching …


Angela Santos says:
Jana Polivkova says:

New RnB Songs 2012!!! [Best R&B Songs Ever]:

bogdan rada says:

like it:)

Niprarat Nahm says:

Like it..

guntur s says:


stephanie neganiwina says:

Play list!!!#

Prinnncesz says:

the chris brown song is called last time together

atoka ayemi says:

Nicely made…luv it.

kretia uwimana says:

i like it :)

Patrik Horvath says:

good :)

Lucas Freire says:


Joey Ireland says:

These songs suck….and no artist or song name either….thanks for nothing
ass muffin

Hazy Almanzor says:

Hot rnb music makes me alive


U stupid there’s no RnB these days ???

El_DaSilva says:

RnB = Rhythem aNd Blues

Anthony Velazquez says:

GO ON MY CHANNEL AND Check out my song :)

beburron97 says:

It said r&b

JacobEBK18 says:

wats the 1st and 2nd song called

Laban Pulea says:

haha in the description BOLO!

ryan ronnie says:

its so cool

Amina Ghazouani says:

kid ink- closet freak

Tramaine Mason says:

Not completely r & b but I respect all music. Guy, jodeci, jagged edge, Jon
b. Etc. That’s r & b.

Sexyaskiki says:

@koelkastdeurtje35 Cherlise – I’m So Ready Ft. Fat Joe

djct1988 says:

the jay nyse track is my favorite one

ceecee mal says:

wats the second song? sum1 help! ok wats the whole list names?? me lyk!! <3

Yasin Kuzey says:

Subliminal 😀

Bryan Jenkins says:

good music lol

glowstick13 says:

ya this isn’t hip hop this is RnB there is a difference.

Amanda Tran says:

Would be nice if the songs were full.

Janese Alston says:

Really good music! I just downloaded all of them to my iphone! Thank you!

Crazie Daze says:

me too 😛

tehKrickuu says:

wow, OntreMuzik, you got all my types of songs 😀

Demario Anderson says:

The first one wasn’t even r&b

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