New Wave & 80’s pop music remix non stop

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1 hour and 22 minutes nonstop remix. Just sharing to you guys. Enjoy. Trackslist 1 intro 2 dont shout 3 when she cries 4 head over heals 5 missing you 6 sara…


joydivisiongirl says:

A tracklist would be wonderful.

djeasy says:

very nice compilation loving it …plz check out this Best Of The
Best POP HITS Of The 70s and 80s And 90s Mix By Djeasy

adrian barrios says:
christopher felipe says:

walang kamatayang new wave . THE BEST OF THE BEST.. 80’S

Eddelle Pestano says:

titles of tracks?

Jamal Lorbez says:

saan ko po ito pdeng ma download?ang ganda e solid

t0nes0nTales says:

31;34 takes me..nice mix brod

judaz iscariote says:

filipino dj are the best nice mix

marvin reyes says:

thanks, very relaxing album specially in morning

eddy palmer says:

So so good well done i looooooveeeeeee it.

Marjorie Langlois says:

Cool!!! and relax for me….

Guile SonicBoom says:

I remember someone stole my Tears for Fears cassette tape in the 80’s
during a party…

reggie esmeria says:

the best tlga ang new wave…

charles carsley says:

123 people have no concept of New Wave music!

halfmanhalfamazingtx says:

Hokkku… I made a livin’ in the late 80’s mixin’ in clubs. This is
seamless and what flow. I have truly been out done. Where were you in ’87?
Coulda’ used ur talent in Houston. I concede. Respectfully submitted, DJ

Abraham Partas says:

how to download pls….

marilyn baricanosa says:

really i lov it

Frank Kubb says:

This is pretty damned good….tell me there is a download link for this??

Hpesoj Mercado says:

pick it up (9,9)

Maris Strazdins says:

This is what I like

Earl Deiparine says:

Nice Music ! Wonderful .. ! :)

Bhong g. Jaballa says:



Is there a way you can upload this so we can download it? or do you have a

Alfonso Miguel says:

thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful remix that you’ve done bro..

keeeent says:

vu from red demon brought me here

henry ogoy says:

….super like,thumbs-up pa!

charles carsley says:

Pop at best New Wave not on your life! 

Cristina Sala says:

awesome songs!

Per Larsson says:

Thank very much “hokku” for this fantastic megamix!!!
One question? Which group perform the incredible song, from approximativ
45.00 min to 49.00 min? 

kulibagtong says:

super like! Thanks for the upload

eddy palmer says:

I just saw Go West to a crowd of just 600 they were awesome, and we spent
time with them at the bar at the end in Milton Keynes UK such nice guys..

eddy palmer says:

Oh my word again this is awesome im half way through well done man.

AMIELrenaissance says:

I love the Beauty and Madness part =)
awesome mix

Regie Bryan Cedilla says:

where can i download this ????????

Annalie Eusebio says:

really love this!!! Is there a way we can download so I can listen while

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