Paramore: crushcrushcrush [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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Paramore’s music video for ‘crushcrushcrush’ from the album, RIOT! – available now on Fueled By Ramen. Visit for more! Stream ‘crushcrush…


Anki Hansen says:

She is the Dave Mustaine’s niece, really?

Reivivus says:

I really like the drum kick at the beginning of the song! 

yur mama says:

singer babe! oo la la. stay off the drugs kids!

leftymu says:

Just what happened to these guys? I thought that judging by their talent,
they would also have more than enough sense than to get all pissy with each
other over stupid things, but then they er, did.

Adam Prenger says:

Watch out for those wasteland Raiders. They will steal your Stimpak.

jimmyt1988 says:

The title is cleverly demised, she is in fact, crushing the crush on here

Tranique Henson says:

I so wish I had the guts to sing this to my crush… Poor gutless me. XD

NanaBell801 says:

If I could pull of that hair, I totally would! She is so gorgeous.
Definitely my Woman crushcrushcrush 😉 <3

Guitar Ivo says:

I can’t believe I’ve discovered this song only now, it’s awesome :D

Daría Carrasco Gimenez says:

paramore :’D Paramore: crushcrushcrush [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Camila Baqueiro says:

gorgeous omg <3

katie leever says:

I have someone who’s crushing on me.
He said he wants to love on me….
Anyone know specifically what it means?

Mr10Residentevilfan says:

posted in 2007, wow I haven’t listened to this stuff in a while, I miss it.

Chels Coma says:


WideRoom says:

hi there
we’re a brand new alternative band from switzerland.
and we’d be honored if you took a little of ur time to check us out
we’re just trying to make it
thank YOU so much !

Jason Jewett says:

i honestly used to slightly shit on Paramore for all the main stream hype
they were getting years ago but Hayley Williams is just sooo talented and
so hotttttttt. Well was. She’ll bounce back tho for sure but yeah great

Andrew Kushies says:


Matt Alexander says:

Hayley is my crushcrushcrush

Kelly Rinoula says:

You’re so pretty!! <3

Zeoslade says:

Daymn shes fine X)

YourPerfectRequiem says:

Ahh yes. When Paramore was good.

Gary Wienecke says:

Heard this song few months ago! love it… but trying to find something
that works other than this song in addition too… hope not a one hitter!
love her voice!

Bri Worden says:

Please check my video of me singing “Stay The Night”! Finally can sing
again! My vocal cord is no longer paralyzed from a cancerous tumor. I have
Neurofibromatosis, which causes tumors to grow on my nerves. I sing to help
get through rough days and more, enjoy

Hopee Rawr says:

I can’t believe this song is almost 7 years old

Sarah Munoz says:

I just love this song and so many other songs from her.

Chloë B says:

I love old Paramore.


The last album sucks

Xander W says:

Lyrics are coming “Soon”

Laura Martiniakova says:

Paramore…. milujem Hayley 

Angela Zavaleta says:


Zavier Coleman says:

They have the same sound, it’s just a bit more uplifting. They have all
talked about how much anger and angst they put into their music and they
were just tired of the process. The new Album might not be as edgy as their
past music, but that’s only because they wanted to be able to appeal to a
wider variety of people. They are thinking smart and just want to have fun.
As musicians, it’s their job to sell. As humans, they just want to be able
to touch more than a group of teenagers that still complain about
highschool drama. I have been listening to Paramore since 7th grade and
they’re music has grown up with me; guiding me through my troubles. So i
can relate to their music a lot and I love the new album because it shows
how diverse that they can be without flopping and destroying their career.
They are more successful now than they have ever been. I’m pretty sure they
are going to be making more music like in the future that we all love like
Decode, Ignorance, Misery Business, and Let the Flames Begin, but for now
they just want to kick off their shoes and play in the dirt a little. 

I Panicked AtThe FallOut ChemicalPhan says:

“Lyrics Coming Soon”

EmSky M says:

nothing compares to, a quiet evening alone .8.

Pa Sanneh says:

i would marry her. haha. you think i joke.

Alicia Febus says:

This song will never get old to me ..! It’s pure greatness !!

NiGGeT9 says:

Red Hair Chick’s Rules!!

stijna hansen says:

Still know every single word of this amazing song! paramore <3

Brandon Wantroba says:

I wish I could sing this too my crush 

Branislav Suja says:
Stephanie Palmer says:

Why have I only just discovered this???

flightofthemosquito says:

I would have loved to have known this band when I was a kid. This was
totally my kind of music. I feel so old now…

Elizabeth Gomez says:

I am only 10 years old and I like all Paramore songs I will be 11 years old
in July! I♥♡Paramore

Silvana Mendoza says:

<3 liltlle spice .... Crush crush crush crushcrushcrush 1234

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