Paramore: Still Into You [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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Paramore’s music video for ‘Still Into You’ from the self-titled album – available now on Fueled By Ramen. Download the song at…


Toooqs says:

shes so hot

Daniella Malik says:

Me encanta! 

celine huang says:

Are the yellow things tights or paint?

Sally Shortridge says:

( /) |__| .
( ‘ v ‘ ) | | |

Axel Rosen says:

i wasn´t scared… now i am scared

Alvernon Brown, Jr says:

This General Electric ad B4 the music video was TOTAL trip! Hospitals to
hold in your hand… OMFG!

dementedmylittlepony says:

do she got cuts on her leg?

Christian Clanton says:

I want her in my mouth lol

Nick Jones Emergency Response Videos says:

The song is good, the video doesn’t have a good representation of the main
public’s interpretation.

Jizz Dragon says:

I’d suck a fart from her asshole.

Those 3 guys says:

I am a fucking hard ass AMV maker, why am I letting myself listen to this?

Jordyn Holjes says:

Is the girl wearing Doc Martens?

Kaitty Renfroe says:

=D <3

Kit Zoey says:

Interesting looking singer but this sounds like it could have been done by
Avril Spears or whoever. She sings like any girl

Michela Maccarana says:

Still into you ♥

Yassmine Dalhy says:

If you think this is music you are a sick retarded fuck -Hayley Williams.

ParaditeRs says:

At least they aren’t pretending to be rock anymore lol Never knew this song
was by paramore.

Arthur Carvalho says:

Still into her…What can I do?

Vroom Xavier says:

why do i always smile when i listen this song?

Mary Lindsy Cortezano says:

Still into him.

tiffany love says:

Love this song!

Joanna-Marie Penfold says:

omg i need to get what she is wearing :D

Eye on Attraction says:

From one female fronted rock band to another.. LOVE IT.

Colin Carroll says:

sounds like a cyndi lauper song.


Super Awesome Song!!!

iikittai amy says:

The things on her leg is tattoos

Iona Greenslade says:

Paramore are beyond my favourite band. And honestly, this song makes me so
happy to be their fan. Loads of people hate this song but you know what?
That’s not gonna get it taken off the radio or internet. It’s a song and
it’ll stay there forever, if you don’t like it, simple: don’t listen to it.

Cosy Caroca says:

Love memories with this song #fucked

Lorena R. M. says:

That is one completely harmless band for kids and teens to like. And is
still pretty cool.

Pheebz Cullum says:

Patrick D Mobbs

Jax D says:

Oh and I love that outfit :O Got to get myself some paint-thingies soon 😀

Skylir Denson says:

Their old stuff is better but it doesn’t mean their present stuff is
terrible. Lay off paramore, all they did was change like everyone does.

Marina Totemwongse says:

God!!! I love this song!

sherbflat says:


Daniela Reyes says:

You are shit. Just kidding, but seriously don’t hate on them.

Daniela Reyes says:

You’re shit. Just kidding, but please don’t hate.

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