Passenger – New Song: “Scare Away the Dark” Live @ Wonder Ballroom 7-14

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Passenger sings new song, “Scare Away the Dark” to attentive, Portland fans at the Wonder Ballroom’s sold out show Sunday the 14th. See Photo Gallery: http:/…


Bradley Snyder says:

This song yeah its the right answer

Negative Neutral says:

Complete badass.

Karen McCants says:

Awesome…a REAL artist.

Pasquale Cappiello says:

“we are all slowly dying in front of our fucking computers” if this
guy ain’t the Bob Dylan of this generation. Listen and rejoice.

Negative Neutral says:

This should get more views than gangnum style. Come people, make it happen!

Raphael Flynn says:


Ruth Bainbridge says:

I needed this like a crazy. It was a slap in the face. A kick in the rear.
Get your sorry a** off the couch and walk on the beach, put your toes in
the sand. Take your kids for a walk. Play a boardgame. Be a human being not
a damn robot.

Ooscar islas says:

5 People dont know what it means to SING!

Shelby Tatum says:

This was such a good show <3 He's amazing!

Herp Thederp says:

This is truth and poetry, how can anyone deny this?

Carl Costantini says:

incredible wow!!!

Caroline Loft says:

wonderful….and soo true….

annablume94 says:


Valerie Tellez says:

Why let the dark scare you away, when you can scare away the dark?

Jonathan Villarreal says:

Let her go seemed very depressing but this song is just pure amazing.

Dominique White says:

WOW. Refreshing 

Lynnie DaGreat says:

wish i was there

Java River says:

Great Song!!!!

Passenger – New Song: “Scare Away the Dark” Live …:

Gina M. Tufano says:

Love! Sing at the top of your voice!

MrPeacelovepot420 says:

This man speaks the truth we are all drowning away in technology when we
should be out in mother nature. cause ask yourself which came first? its
there because we are meant to be in it. Each and everyday everyone should
be adventurous and spontaneous do something new and exciting with the
people you hold closest to your heart

Emily McWilliams says:

This was such an outstanding show he put on, I’m so glad I was able to see
this live. Truly something else. Thank you for this video!

John Kass says:

Awesome and true

paulblackwood says:

I’m listening and rejoicing !

Jigsaw Partridge says:

“and nothing ever happens, nothing happens at all” Oops, sorry, wrong song.

Cheryl Hansen says:

An amazing song. Incredible lyrics.

Rod Miles says:

Good for the soul. Well done. 

Anthony L says:

As an IT/Technology expert with over 25 years who has owned and closed
businesses for the bettet things in life… I can say he has captured my
sentiments!! Like I say ‘Twits do facebook’

Ant Osmond says:

Proper chills at ‘still slowly dying in front of fucking computers’

Owen Vachell says:

Just heard this for the first time while he was busking at Martin Place,
Sydney. I fell in love with it after 10 seconds!

Zak Kreutzer says:

I am going to a concert this october in berlin,Germany!!

Dieter Hobelsberger says:

Again Mike, you did it… Thanks for sharing Veronica

Sheila Ove says:

Love love love this guy. His lryic is so real and always makes me feel

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