Pink Lips Full Video Song | Sunny Leone | Hate Story 2 | Meet Bros Anjjan Feat Khushboo Grewal

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The wait is finally over!!! Baby Doll is all set to make you groove with her Pink Lips. Click to share it on Facebook – SONG…


T-Series says:

Pink Lips Pink Lips, Pal Pal Tujho Karte Miss…
#SunnyLeone #HateStory2

Snježana Stjepanović says:


Becca c says:

Umm.. I don’t think she was singing about the kind you put lipstick on.

Javeria Hassan says:

Its a okay song…they said they were gonna beat baby doll.. but i dont
think its anywhere near baby doll..they could chnged the pink lips thing
more rappy or fast or maybe even a bit slower… the pink lips part of the
song didnt meet my requirements to listen to this song again..sorry.. <3
sunny looked amazing tho <3

Abdallah Saeed says:

bollywood is now producing pornograph rather than movie

Ravindu Herath says:

dafuq i just saw?? that lyrics are so so ….. childish 

MONICA says:

Bonjour T SERIES
Belle chanson, belle voix , et superbe ces danseurs que j’admire *****
Amitiés et bonne journée

Inderjeet Dang says:

Shit.. Shit and Complete Shit.. Bollywood has steep to such level… 

YsoSerious says:

It’s like a 10 year old wrote the lyrics.

Ferlesha T says:

Rubbish. Stop using pornstars because priyanka chopra or even bipasha basu
could have done this better.
#nohate #stupidfairskinobsession


Typical Bollywood crap song….

Yadwinder Sekhon says:

Still confused ..should i like or not..!

Hossaina Khan says:

well instead of showing off her things she should actually try to dance a
bit. She turns everything into pornography. No hate please but it’s true.
and do not start a fight unless you get my point. thank you. 

Anushree Ray says:

The wait is finally over! Sunny Leone is all set to make you groove with
her *’Pink Lips’* from the upcoming film *’Hate Story 2’*.

Faisal Khan says:

what the hell………who was the uncle in the middle

Subah Khan says:

I don’t care whoever and whatever she is or her past! But this girl is
stunningly gorgeous. I think she improved a lot and i gotta give her that.
Song is okay, but Sunny looks gorgeous and sexy..esp. that Blue dress is
I Liked it. #PinkLips #SunnyLeone #HateStory2 

Phoenix3019 says:

Without sound this looks better :P

NikxRainForever says:

Bitch is smoking hot .. i never get tired of watching her 8->

Karan Sanghera says:

No matter what, I will always love Sunny

Dicle lovebeauty says:

I hate this Song

Vineet Agarwal says:

bakwaas… stop giving ur stupid seductive looks… get a lifee
@sunnyleone! despoo porn star !

Keyaan Ali says:

she is still useless, she still has the porn star reaction/action watch her
face and body movement, its as if she doing a porn movie. she cant even
dance or act, im sure these dirty companies are only taking her for
promoting their company with a porn star

iPhonePRO says:

Not bad for indian perverts

Rumena Begum says:

The song was just ruined with the stupid pink lips part put me off big
time! But she looks too pretty only wanted to see her face lol!

Radha Bytes says:

it is true that she is beautiful and gorgeous she can actually dance well
without exposing much of her body..which will still be appreciable.

Funk You says:

Watch Pink Lips Parody in our Channel!

Navneet Kaur says:

this song was not upto my expectations,,Sunny looked gorgeous tho :)
P.s. – the song baby doll, its beats were given by Dr Zeus (A Punjabi music
producer), not by meet bros,, Bollywood didn’t give him any credit and sold
the song in their own name.. this time meet bros released their original
work,, that is why it didn’t work out.the lyrics were ultra-noob and the
music was so so
#DrZeusFan4life #Dontmesswithpunjabis 

Badriyah Salimi says:

Wow amazing 

XxBhaNGraEmpire99xX says:

Being an edm music producer/dj from canada I can say this is one of the
best mastered and mixed songs I’ve heard from India. Props to the producers
and vocalist

priyanka haque says:

Sunny leone is so gorgeouse …♥♥

Alekhya Das says:

wow what a nice censored version of Adore You [ the video ]
T series stopping bring Sunny Leone to promote your videos. 

pad B says:

Just went to *redtube* for more fun

Aumi Cen says:

yeh uncle kaun tha silky baal wala… bc video ki maa chod di 

Sunny Grewal says:

I dont care wht she did before, Yall who criticize her have an uneducated
brain. Shes damn hot.

Deccan Moviez says:

bekaar song, bekaar choreography, bekaar lyrics

Ruchika Salwan says:

looks shit..

Khal Drogo says:

No matter how much glitter you put on, A bitch will be a bitch.!! #TrueStory

neha kapoor says:

Baby doll is far far better than Pink lips……. 

Ayush Shiwakoti says:

Only thing that is beautiful is sunny leone song is really bad 

HyderXable says:

I was asking myself; :”what’s with that dance move?”, but then it hit me;
the lyrics is not referring to the lips on which you apply lipstick! Notice
that hand gesture part when she’s saying “pink lips”.
Bollywood is using Sunny Leone for those kind of movies and songs, as they
know that she’ll be comfortable in doing those.

Mir Sahib says:

not so good as baby doll i guess sunny had hit her mark

x7557x says:

Horrible clip

Harsh Trivedi says:

song sounds too much copied or rather inspired

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