P!nk – Blow Me (One Last Kiss)

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From the album “The Truth About Love”. Available Now on iTunes http://smarturl.it/tal?IQid=YT P!nk’s DVD “The Truth About Love Tour – Live from Melbourne” Av…


Gege Viron says:

P!nk – Blow Me (One Last Kiss)

Nannette Finzi says:
KM Paul says:

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Aline M says:

gives a whole new meaning to Red Wedding…

Elmer Funes says:

i just quit my job today :) !!!! awesome song to jam out tooo :)

Arianna says:

i know someone will see this <33
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bestturkeyaudio3 says:


Kathy Morlock says:

I love Pink now, I think she has matured and come into her own. What a

Maria Campbell says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Marie Flutterby says:

*”Yeeeeah!!”* I hate those shit days they’re a bitch!

Kristina D says:


Nakano Azusa says:

It sounds so weird when the chorus is not censored 😀 This is actually the
first time when I hear this uncesored version.

morris says:

lmao she said dick! XD


Blow me, blow me please

Dauphinet Gaming says:

A great summer song!

Erin Horan says:

My 5th favorite P!nk song

Snowy Seal says:


Mandy Willis says:

She’s my #1 hero, wish you would come to California! <3

Nia Hernandez says:

Mi idola! :3

rekia curry says:

p!nk is the best

Sine Tuc says:

Just live for happiness…

Amanda Radz says:

Went to Pink’s concert in Philly this past December after getting out of an
abusive 6 year relationship…..left feeling amazing and on top of the
world! I swear her music and concert got me through it all and was the only
thing to make me think I’m going to be ok…and now I am and daitng an
amazing guy who adores me :)

Jade Valentine says:

Love this song!!!!! (*o*)/ <3

Matthew Grammatico says:

Love this, love her

Claudia Moller says:

Best singer in all eternity

Julia Campos says:

We are shit day we are shit day :D

jeanethe vidal garcia says:

her voice is powerful and amazing!!!!! i love pink!!!!!

ReesesPiecesYall says:

+Princess64782AJ Are you fucking 2 years old? It’s the internet and “bad
words” exist. Are you sure you’re old enough to be on here?

Joseph Paul Chïð says:

kitsch but soooo good 

Maya Jagger says:

That’s allllmost two years ago..!

I remember this song very well… Some really good songs that summer!


I love this song !

Varunrat Kulama says:

Ha ha

Wendy Khalil says:

Nice new somg. ( just the beat.. Not the meaning).

Jennifer Goicoechea Barroso says:


Regina Reilly says:

Yep I have had ENOUGH!!!

guadalupe juarez says:

To day I had a bad day

Chantal Laden says:

Cant get tired of this song

CutieLovesOwls says:

*fangirl not tangible XD

Jason F. says:

i would like Pink to release an R&B album, based on her early roots!! Yet I
enjoy her pop rock style :)

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