Primal Fear – When Death Comes Knocking (Official / New Studio Album 2014)

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Oskar lopez lopez says:

Primal Fear – When Death Comes Knocking (Official / New Studio Album 2014)

krassip61 says:

Amazing song! Thank you for sharing!!!

Michael Regan says:

The video reminds me of Breaking the Chains meets Into the Fire #Dokken 

Fernando Moreno Machado says:

A little slow, but awesome! 

Belva Vargas says:

I like this fucking song!!

Ghost Of A Lion says:

Time to shop at Amazon, gotta love Primal Fear!!!!!!!

Le Fred says:

Old music heard song like that 100 times

Maria Jesus Vidal says:

Muy bueno!! 

6h967 says:

Sounds like there is some George Lynch influence in some of the guitar
Still it kicks ass

Wolfgang Stollberg says:

great!!! soooo cool…

jimischild13 says:

somewhat odd video but still a strong song a bit slow sounding from a great
band .

Johana Jaraba says:

Knock Knock!

Daniel Marques says:

I hear a lot of Battle Beast band style in this song.

Michelangelo Gräser says:

Reminds me of the song “one with the world” , just slower.

kerrang inrock says:

am i the only one who’ve noticed a hint of One With World in this song?
even the words “When it comes to the point” are the same. anyway – song is

Devin Comiskey says:

Another GREAT album, guys!!!! I’m loving it!! Hope you can make it to the
US soon again. Last time (and only time) I got to see you was during the
Halford tour fiasco in 2001. 

Luis Angel says:

Very, very shitty song

crystalviperofficial says:

Greetings from the CRYSTAL VIPER crew! We are Metal Nation!

Kateřina Reichenbachová says:

Primal fear… Nimber 1

Austin Hughes says:

Primal Fear, are so good!!! Ralf you are God like, Eric Adams, Scheepers,
Owens, Barlow, Dio!!!!

David Barreda says:

Primal Fear – When Death Comes Knocking (Official / New Studio Album 2014)

arios211 says:


NebulahHD says:

“a Masterpiece”

killinthepit says:

Butt rock

Steven Lornie says:

What I have come to expect from this band and it’s not getting old. Is it
just me or is Ralph getting bigger? Beefcake!



FeratPlazma says:

good ,little klishe but still hammered metal !!!!!

Dean Johnston says:

Great new song.Nice production.

Dejan Lekic says:


Nsa Van says:

Every fucking song is a Dio ripoff. The 80’s are over. Your music is old.

Juan Pedro Peña says:

Powerfull voice!!!

Simon Wanger says:

fuckin awesome :)

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