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PSY – Gangnam Style (강남스타일) ▷ NOW available on iTunes: ▷ Official PSY Online Store US & International :…


ahajordon001 says:

I could create better music, by using Elijah Wood’s ass hole as an

ghofspa1 says:

Hating it is cool now, but I don’t care what anyone says. I still find this
song catchy as hell.

T Takproductions says:

are you kidding you need more 100 million ! views to reach 2,000,000,000.
But each hour 1000 people view this. 2,000,000,000 in just 4 to 6 months
is expected :)

EightPlays! says:

kelly is a amazing and she met psy because her dad is friends with him
like this comment if you think its cool

da daa says:

2 millon yesssssssss

Phoduezheorless The Gamer says:

lol does this mean that this video has been watched by about 1/7 of the
whole population of earth?

drishti khatwani says:

eh …

neo eolo says:

February 2014 and this video still fucking awesome. o / 

Leonardo Pires says:

are people still in here jesus christ

Amelia Nemet says:


Jerome Ryan says:

this vid brings good memories

Jessica meow Murfray says:

lol if you pause at 1:31 the lady to the right of psy has hair in her mouth

ThundR says:

now think what will be in 2100 year – 400000000000 views? D:

Leo Park says:

Fuck. Only 100,000,000(approx)views to go! jesus.

RMB4 says:

still not 2 billion. WTF


Just my opinion. I think YouTube is a scam. People who pay big money can
become as viral as they want! Ain’t that the truth folks?

Jezlina Orianne says:

Yes! Justin Bieber Loseeeeee!!!!

HeyItsEzra says:

wow. 1 BILLION 902 MILLION 971 THOUSAND 849 HUNDRED. jeez ill be lucky
enough to get atleast 20 views.

marstu3138 says:

So many views

tricecold says:

damn he needs to be a case study for marketing I think

Beat Nubbie says:

Guys.. I dont have a idea y people hate people phy in these days (only some
people) He is trying his BEST! If you dont like the song… Deal with it!
He is very smart person! He went to a very good college and now he is
getting what he payed for! if u dont like the song.. JUST DEAL WITH IT!
OTHER PEOPLE JUST LOVES THE SONG… like me xD so stop complaning.. ITS

Marco Puichiță says:

Let’s help him to make O.o——–o.O

dududu says:

i only can say yg is the best .. 

NinjaDude6040 says:

I’m not sure if I wanna see the video that tops this one in views, if that
ever happens.

John Brandes says:

johm brandes
kik: swergyjuan
age: 14

Hailey Hart says:

The number of views this has is the number of gay people there are in the

Araceli Perez says:

I wonder what the very first comment was.

How many of you are totally naive to the whole other world behind
this…Kpop. all the real Kpop fans are just like, bitch please, u don’t
even know.

kingaronfi says:

im from norway and i like this music :)

Chad Lamon says:

how do I make a beat like this?

Crowlley Pala says:

Gangnam legion hits almost 2 bil! i don”t gife a fuck for that but it”s
interesting how a shitti song hit”s that much :3

BoganBetsy says:

How awesome would it be for this video to get to 2 billion!!

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