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Track Name : Rakhwan Kota Album Name : Rakhwan Kota Singer : Kulbir Jhinjer ( https://www.facebook.com/kulbir.jhinjer ) Lyrics : Kulbir Jhinjer ( https://www…


pamma Banger says:

hun tan jatt v OBC ch aa gae …rakhwe kote ch
naale kehrhe rakhwe kote dil gaal kitti tusi gaane ch jo seat dikhiyai sc
30 sab nira jhooth j seat hundiyan iniya sadi sc caste wich hi sare
offisir hune c..


lv u apna sarya aaa da veer 

Jasjit True says:

Quota system is shit…belive in merit..

Ankit Jain says:

good ji

Amu Grewal says:

ghant a 22 keep itt….

manjinder sangha says:

nice song Jhinjer 22 att hi kra //

Rohan Saghotra says:

aho :(

rinku lubana says:

att 22 g

Har preet says:

paaji Geet bhut sohna aaw..par Jazzy B ta kehnda jatt moujan karda aa..eh
ki chakkar ?

WaheedGujjar WaheedGujjar says:

Very nice song yaar
Ch Abdul Waheed Gujjar@Velhi Gujjar 

raul dang says:

superlike jnaab

Jatinder Mahal says:

Recitation the truth of actual Punjab…
Ultimate lyrics, superb video …Probably one of the best songs I ever
listen, totally captivating lyrically and extremely innovative Music… (y)

bikramjit khehra says:

so qut
khehra likes song

Narender Bhuker says:

nice jhinjer 22

Harry Singh says:

This song need millions views

sardar waqas ali dogar says:

kya bat a bhai chaa gye o :)

Preet Sangha says:

att lines and voice .rabb chardi kalla rakhe

Sukhdeep Gill says:

very true. there is nothing in Punjab for us :(

karan goyal says:

Vataaan te rulde firde nu tera ishq bna kalakaaar gaya…awesome…

Happy Hunk says:

A song by, of and for the ‘incompetent people’ , who enjoy blaming
circumstances for their own incapabilities. People with some caliber
doesn’t depend on any kind of ‘quota’ to grow, they are bound to succeed
despite all odds. It is the ‘Jatt’ community that is in control of power in
Punjab since its formation in 1966. The CMs of the state (except few) till
date were all Jatts & none was ‘SC’. Majority of the top Police officers in
Punjab Police are Jatts only & list is quite long. Still, people who
couldn’t succeed blame the depressed classes (who had faced atrocities at
the hands of the so called higher castes for centuries in India) for their
doom.This approach is wrong and will only make things worse for the
society. If at all, small or marginal Jatts have suffered, it is at the
hands of big Jatts only who are the policy makers and are more busy in
expanding their own sphere of power than focusing on the healthy growth of
the society as a whole.
Moreover, the lyricist/singer must check the facts first; quota for SC-14%
(out of this, 50% for Majbi Sikh & Valmiki Communities only)& General-60%
seats. So friends, decide for yourself who has a greater chance of
If we really want reservation to go then we all must pledge to finish caste
based discrimination first. Then no one will need reservation.

Amit Brar says:

Kahda rakhwa Kota General kotay walay jhoothay sc certificate bna ke
naukriya laye janday……..,

tarun kumar says:


Malkit Singh says:

Dont fight guys….most of d persons giving comment on this song dont know
that they have also got reservation….reservation nu mada kehan wale ajj
reservation da hi sahara le rahe ne….

Jatin Kashyap says:

good one

Manpreet Singh says:

Very nice Songs

Gill Boy says:

good song

Gurpreet Choukria says:

You are too late for this song. Government has agreed to give you

Ricky Singh says:

Keep up the excellent work Kulbir saab.

Singh Sandey says:

siraa hiiii laaa ta 22. love you jhinjer

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