Rammstein – Ohne Dich (Official Music Video) – Full HD

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English Lyrics: I will go into the firs, There where I her last seen, But the evening threw a cloth onto the country, And on the ways term edge of forest, An…


x3eLaLovex3 says:

Till is fuckin’ handsome!

AkJonny1965 says:

Brothers to the end.

christian timmerman says:

this song is so touching. beautiful

A_Osovsky says:

To all my friends.

MrElementHD says:

It’s a shame that this only has 280k views..

combatjm89 says:

Why do I weep at this? One of the best videos a band has ever made. Knowing
their journey would be in vain without their bruder. Das ist liebe…

Simone Coggiola says:

accendino in aria tedesco

WannaHaveABetterLife says:

Stalingrad version was better

Razvan-Mihai Dudu says:

To all my friends.

Yiannis Drosos says:

Rammstein great band…!!!! This song with Mutter, Sonne, Ich Will and of
Du Hast….are My favorite songs from Rammstein. ”Hail” from

Vladimir Melnik says:

grande cancio

Z .Lantz says:

OMFG Two fucking words that is all?!?!?!

Wolf Wolwerine says:


James Schrumm says:

Keith L MDC.

Jake Mccoy says:

no comments. just stunning

Murat Gençoğlu says:

sorry for my english. I came here just to be sorry for my english, and
great band and shit

chris strong says:


nastiamurk says:


ColdFreezer says:


nicolas2747 says:

I am learning Deutsch now and it is very beautiful language, the main
influence to learn this language is Rammstein . They are my favorite rock
n’ roll band….

Niklas King says:

Christ the translation is cringe worthy 

Rodrigo Sahagun says:

Beautiful video It shows the greatness of the german people sumed up in the
story of the video, I am mexican and I’m proud of my country but I am sure
that being german must be a great pride, Long life to Germany.

MrAkilleus says:

This could easily be made into a movie! Fantastic video as always.

BluFagiolo says:

showing the Mount Everest and filming the Alpes aint gonna do it :(

Weebs2k8 says:

Download 2013!!

Nero Darkheart says:

this video…. su many feels!!! * cries in corner *

Michel Zehm says:

I´m german, and have seen both the “Stalingrad”-version, and this official
one, and I am not, usually the soft type, not only having the oldies in my
family fighting for the Reich,.But, Myself, has been thru hell and back
2002-2006) but something, in this song, as well as both videos, trigger
something in me, that, actually makes me cry….crying of the the thought
that a lot of us have lost tthe things most important to us, but we/I was
not smart enough to recognize it, before it was all gone…I gueuss it is
like the old saying: ” You never miss it, until it is gone….

Argrock Bermuda says:

:( about me ,,, 

MetalSkateboarding says:


Arkileos12 says:

So many feelings…

MrOverdoze1991 says:

GREAT JOB ON ENLISH SUBS i cant speak german verry well..

Annick Mörth says:

i get so sad whenever i listen to this

Hussain Kaiser says:

Rammstein wow what a great song, always Rockz, this is my all time

Burnell1963 says:

They truly explore our human emotions. Some tracks are too much for me, but
I love this.

Bjarki Viðarsson says:

Rammstein is the greatest and the best! reagards from Iceland

Dacan Borko says:

i Balkanci vas slusaju

Renáta Tobiás says:

Good music is very touching …

fu ckyou says:

If you understand German, and have ever had a loved one die, you will
understand this song. It brings so much pain, and on the other hand, it’s
an absolute masterpiece. Till Linderman is a hero.

Juan García says:

What an amazing song. So full of emotion. One of my favorite songs,

t ozkanlı says:


Abdel AOUATAH says:

That to say ? 

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