RDGLDGRN – Doing the Most Official Music Video

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Watch the premiere of RDGLDGRN’s music video “Doing the Most” written by Pharrell Williams and RDGLDGRN. Buy the single: http://www.smarturl.it/RedGoldGreenL…


TheXbox360 says:

Dave Grohl? Gotta feel pretty awesome to have Dave Grohl sitting in as the
drummer for your band. Great song!

maurizio ridolfo says:

Lucky Guys. Very good song. Dave Grohl and Pharrell Williams together,
certified success…

felipe torres says:

kick ass

shari699 says:

this song sounds very nice

MrMusicfan007 says:

Awesome, dig the drum beat :D

Matteo Vignocchi says:

+Paul Pieretto eccoloooo!

Chris Zarger says:

This song could have used a drum machine and still have been good. It’s
refreshing that they didn’t. But they just decided to get DG… well that
just sends it over the top.

goddess30103 says:

You guys had me hooked at Trillectro! Now I get to see you working with
Dave Grohl and Pharrell?!? Hometown Pride like no other! Everyone should
check them out.

Ravi Shrestha says:

I can’t stop listening to this awesome song..just wondering why there
aren’t at least a million views??

Alex Rivoli says:

Nu Black Rock is coming up like this. The future is here.

Carnivorous Corner says:

Heard this mentioned on the Korey Coleman call in. Listened to several of
your tracks. Really really good stuff! (p.s. if the caller that mentioned
this band’s name is reading, many thanks!)

knockout says:

Awesome job broski!

Justin Jameyson says:

Love it. They’re dancing at our church in a few shots, too!
Congratulations, guys!

Deb T says:

pharrell & Dave Grohl. Sweet

Sonya Wins says:

It’s an awesome feeling seeing people you know break through the DMV glass

chris armstrong says:

great song, great feel

EggheadJr1 says:

Green is flat. By, like, half a note.

Michael Dijkstra says:

Such an amazing tune. Great vibe!

John Platt says:

What a great tune that’s the first time listening to RDGLDGRN and hopefully
it won’t be the last and they were that good that Dave Grohl decided to
drum for them on this track how cool is that.

Kathy White says:

Love the song! Must seem like winning the lottery having Dave play drums
for ya.

BossyShark says:

This is actually really good! Great job! C:

Antonio Araya says:

feat. Pharrell Williams & Dave Grohl

Lizee J says:

<3 happy for you guys

Ian B says:

I’m gonna quit my job!

diego banhart says:

this is very fresh and diferent and awesome !!

Amalia Grillo says:

i love the drum beat! go dave. also the song is awsome.(these guys most
feel so awsome with dave ghrol playing drums for them :P)

MscBlggr says:

I didn’t think I could love Dave any more but knowing he can bang out a
Go-Go beat like that takes it to a higher level for me. I can’t believe how
fast they’re catching on. So much <3 to all involved. 

Robert Anthony says:

Finally someone made a theme song for one of my favorite quotes! And they
are homies at that! I’m in!

Krzysztof Surowiec says:

CHELSEA !!! 😀 and a cool song ;)

Madwill Music says:

Okay. Now please tell us how to pronounce the name of the band :D

Johan Söderlund says:

This is insanly good 

BigChipsMusic says:

N.E.R.D Stuff….

DarkuJ says:

So fun. I dig it!

kuihman says:

Thanks to Dave I now know about this awesome band

sontyz031 says:

This song was great!

Kirill Erdmann says:

Can someone tell me how green’s dancemoves are called? They’re pretty cool

Zach Zollo says:

These guys are pretty solid

Christian Sylver says:

Instantly in love

David McKenzie says:

This is sick.

Ontrek9 says:

Red Gold Green cute.

SoSSmokeyMcPot says:

Tanks Dave, this is awesome. 

T Beauty says:

Umm…all I can say is..man I luv dis sh*%!!!

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