Redfoo – Let’s Get Ridiculous

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Close Let’s Get Ridiculous from Redfoo’s debut album coming soon. Redfoo teams up with Director Mickey Finnegan once again to …


santiago rodriguez says:


1BigReviews says:

f your asking what happened to LMAFO that’s redfoo with another guy this is
just Redfoo.

Ina Meghdissian says:

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dan bosuka says:

clip de oufff!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amanzio Brady says:

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L.R.C says:

like 2 weeks ago this song had lik 6m views and its been out for ages now
suddenly 35m wtf

Isaac Reuben says:

Love Redfoo’s and LMFAO’s music videos :D

karina jounidov says:

omg :D

Hill Driver says:


Mika Schultz says:

what the heck is this crap.

Busy-Builder-Van says:

Yes Redfooo that’s the spirit :p

Herodurno says:

!!!!!!!LOL Uho uho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DiamondManBK says:


kikioreh says:

omg 06:01

Mélanie Motte says:

so very crazy boys :P

Naz Qasim says:

Holy shits it’s azerenka!

omda says:

what is the name of the application at 2:36 

krmarie g says:

this is prob the most funny music vid ever!

Aghil V Ravindran says:

What the (red)fook!

Vladimir Hoxha says:

3:12 DON’T SEE THAT WITH 3D GLASSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alvaro Ruiz says:

redfoo hdp

beda budí says:

Best video I’ve seen

Xavian Manders says:


denis juha says:

cool music

daniel fernandez says:

Where is the “hi mom” guy :(

Miguel Ramirez says:

it is my top favorite song of all time. Redfoo you made a great song

jennifer tavaglione says:


kojo osei says:

for having fun

נועה עומר מהמיקמק שמעריצה את דמי לובאטו says:


ELnegrus JCM says:

Redfoo yo need make a movie XD
I want see it 

Cecel Logan says:

them girls tho

ivan cano says:

Come on baby lets get ridiculous la freak lol #YOLO

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