Ride Along Official Trailer #1 (2014) – Kevin Hart, Ice Cube Movie HD

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lamima mjid says:

you are white you dont fight :D

Liberate Vos Ex Inferis says:

Ignore the douche-bag critics… This is a funny movie…and we all know
critics have the sense of humor of a lima bean… I will never understand
why Kevin Hart is famous or is getting good roles like this.. but in this
movies he is decent… This movie is worth watching… The acting is not
the greatest. The story is not great either… but the laughs alone are
worth your money…

LeftyNeroProductions says:

If anyone thinks this movie was funny you are WAY to easy to please. Cube
was terrible, Hart’s talent was wasted, the script was shit.

I stopped watching after 35 minutes.

I can’t believe this stinker broke a record. It just goes to show you how
many braindead people there are anymore =0

MOVIECLIPS Trailers says:

Kevin Hart & Ice Cube team up in the hilarious new buddy cop film ‘Ride

Kelly Stock says:

As expected, the film plays out like a typical buddy-cop comedy: a cop
teams up with someone he doesn’t like or AGREE with and the two have to
attempt to get along. While this BASIC PLOT line has indeed been done to
death, this film makes the fortunate decision to skip out on many movie
clichés. There is no third-act-breakup, no MOPEY montage, and no “you’re
off the case” or “you’re fired” scene.

cibida1 says:

This movie was regular. Cliche. People were laughing in the theater just
b/c it was Kevin Hart. Ice Cube with the same type character he does in
most movies. 5/10

Blaise williams says:

saw this yeaterday couldn’t stop laughing goin out the theatre

ZachAsaD says:

What’s the release date?

Dylan Gold says:


Mohamed zanaty says:

my stomach is in my ass :v

Edward Norton says:

It was a good movie i can tell Black people went to go see this movie its
like almost number 1 in Flim Grossing.lol

Hussein Gibril says:

Oh my God…my stomach hurts! ROFLMFAO!!!! THE funniest movie of 2014 no
doubt about that! ❤❤❤

Movie Club says:

Ride Along (2014)
99 min – Action | Comedy – Rated PG-13
Ratings: 6.4/10 from 6,087 users Metascore: 41/100

Fast-talking security guard Ben joins his cop brother-in-law James on a
24-hour patrol of Atlanta in order to prove himself worthy of marrying
Angela, James’ sister.

Director: Tim Story
Writers: Greg Coolidge (screenplay), Jason Mantzoukas (screenplay)
Stars: Ice Cube, Kevin Hart, Tika Sumpter 

christian londoño says:

Well i was expecting more, i really don’t enjoy the ice cube movies.

Young G Carloscool says:

Love it

WSTV says:

my stomach and my ass haha XD and yo he shot his ass haha damn shit i wanna
watch this

Christian Raider says:

Imma take your mom on a ride along

Aaron Jordan says:

People who are hating on the movie went into it expecting too much. It’s
not meant to win many awards or anything like that. It’s one of those
movies that if you watch with friends or family it is much more enjoyable.

Luis Medina says:

Hey hey hey your white you don’t fight 

asaiah hill says:

love it I saw the movie

Tanisha Johnson says:

lol I love reading the comments, what did you guys think you were gonna see
a future Oscar winner??
its a regular feel good comedy. I saw it and got a really good laugh out of
it and I’m satisfied with that.

Cosy B says:

The my stomach and my ass is a killer line

Mario Soto says:

+Ride Along Hilarious Movie *two thumbs up*

ThrashingReign23 says:

Doesn’t matter if you think the plot line or the script sucked the point of
this movie was to make people laugh and it sure as hell did 

Michelle Bryant says:

Checking this one out Friday, after work. 

LiberalTears says:

Very cliche but had some alright parts.

Lifa Nati says:

I am a huge Hart/ Cube fan but I must say this trailer is way better than
the movie. Went to the theatre expecting more. The biggest lesson, don’t
watch the trailer , Just go watch the movie if you follow these 2 

Hameid Alsaady says:

What’s the song at 1:19 ??

achiverx says:

Nice movie, great actors but I miss Martin Lawrence & Will Smith. Bad boys
x2, watcha gonna do x2, when they ???

Jilla Panjab says:

lawwls this is crazy

Ichi Capeta says:

……. o_o
looks go0Od~ Ice Cube is back baby!

DAYUM says:

“My stomach and my ass”
“Y’know what Imma do: grow. Whatcha gonna do? Stretch?”
“Yo damn right I shot yo ass!”
This movie was hilarious.

dexter morgan says:

black hammer

Laysha Williams says:

I want to see this So bad omg

Veronica Mendez says:

Going to see this movie tonight so excited

LittleSweetChic says:


Cj Stallings says:

When ice cube slammed his face DANM!

bailey kane says:

A white,white. , u dont fight!!

TR1CKSHOTS31 says:

What headset does he use in the movie? I want them 

valetdabess says:

was that david banner at the end?

Aden Nigatu says:

It was such a good movie! 

yoyomexbox6 says:

Hey you’re white you don’t fight hahaha

Jonathan Soto says:


luis garcia says:


Anubis Ra says:

Very good comedy,but …where is Martin Lawrence???!!! You just cant make
the perfect black comedy without him!!

Leila Rollins says:

“Hey HEY! You’re white, you’re white you’re white! You don’t fight!” LMBO

MUSTAFA4526 says:

Is Ice Cube (the rapper) playing as the older brother???

PLease answer, and or like so ther people see this and answer

Mickey Red says:

Just watched it, I don’t know what to say this shit is hilarious !! I
couldn’t stay without lmfao for a couple of minutes !

zhishy axoish says:

along for the ride

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