Rihanna – Skin (VEVO Official music video clip) 2013 @rihanna

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Images by Armani Jeans and others Rihanna clips. (fan made) ~ New album coming. | 2014 |


Nizami Eminov says:

Damn awesome!

Mike 'Yen says:

that is one horny rihanna , cool :D

Gorse Olivier says:

Rihanna , Grrrrrrrrr !!!!!!!!!!!! sexy girl Princess …..

Paulina Matysik says:

For the quality you subscriptions :)

julie prout says:

i listen!!!!!!!!!! i just take moments of enjoyment in Peace!!!

love you hot arms!!

dahmane riahi says:

propably is good

Mera J. says:


Ruthy Diaz says:


Marco Pavao says:

bonita musica

maria oliza hinestroza says:

la amo

toni wiley says:

I love the song but the video doesn’t go at all. After knowing what could
had been done to this video i must say i am disappointed

nikkiray9 says:

my headphones have this song feeling like im having a orgasm in my ears
dang lol.. 

surekbk says:

1:58 thats the Rihanna that i used to know!

Ashley Anderson says:

This is by far the sexiest song I have ever heard! Love it 

Cindy Schwartz says:

I can’t be the only one who wants to get naked after watching this

cavine milligan says:

love love song!!!!! but video should have been sexy as well………

phumzile mofokeng says:

just put ur skin baby on skin

Robyn Fenty says:


eygenia den hparxh says:


In D V-Dual E T says:


josé A. outeiriño nanín says:

+jose alberto outeiriño nanin 

John Smith says:

lol bender

priszena morais says:

rihanna’s best song ever

Joel Jan Horvath says:

Great work for this video :))

nothingbutsuccess says:

I don’t understand. I thought there was a way to download youtube videos.
Is it just me or do I not have that option? I really love this song & want
to download it!

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