Robbie Williams | Dream A Little Dream | Official Video

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Official video for Dream A Little Dream, released 15th December 2013. Download it on iTunes: Download Robbie’s duet of the track with Li…


JoanneB says:

I love it that Robbie is aware of his age. Not that he is old, but I think
this gentleman thing suits him perfectly. It is sad to see that some
celebrities cannot accept that they are aging and instead of aging with
grace they try to pretend nothing has changed and still wear provocative
clothing and make sexy moves and it is just sad to watch.

Siberia romAnoV says:

Beautiful and also funny :-)
Dream a little dream of Christmas with #robbiewilliams

Lukáš Vaculík says:

Šťastné a veselé

tralalaroxxx says:

“Gary Barlow” ;D

Oh Robbie, you have voice of a one wicked angel ;)

halesx1976 says:

Anyone know if this has got in the charts.

Jitesh Singh says:

“Merry Christmas”
to everyone have a good one :)

Daniel Espinosa says:

Dean Martin style…great!!

MaryOne Dí says:

I love it *-*

carmen atkins says:

1950s style

Артём Б says:

The Lily Allen duo version was perfect. Unfortunately can’t say the same
about this one

DannDann says:

my favorite song in the world! Robbie plese a video with Lily Allen, pls,

Finelf says:

Oh #Robiie you look #old. But nice song :) 

Wikan Sarwawidyasari says:

nice video for the holiday season

crashgirl08 says:

gary barlow hahahh nice 1 ;))

Sofie Åberg says:

Wow!! Xmas is here 😉 amazing!! Truly love it! x

Yulan Lawson says:

How high can I jump? Ask Garry!

Ms Teresa Louise Drummond says:

Come on don’t it make you laugh lol

montse Carballal says:
Olivera DB says:

Robbie Williams – Dream A Little Dream |

MsSTILLlover says:

this is wonderful….you’ve still got IT Robbie, you might be older, but so
am I ;)

patrickk Noth says:

wow. amazing

RKUK Entertainment says:

The less Lily the better I say, she’s ruined a Keane song so why ruin a
Robbie one too

bonnb9 says:

“Pole Buffer…..(<; Pat Daly!" Thank you @Sabir Abdulhasanzade Captured Christmas tv of my youth very well. Strangely I appreciate the tangled slinky.

Angie Rom says:

<3 <3

Thodoris Mylonas says:

Funny one.He looks like Morrissey

Mickael Alexander says:

I dont like the fact that lily allen is in the song but not in the video

Andres Ramirez says:

The Christmas Song for this year. Merry Christmas to everyone!!

pollouk says:

Lol merry Christmas Robbin

Helen Wakeham says:

I love this video it’s so funny

solange lopez says:


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