Royal Comedy Tour Live New Jersey 2013

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Shandon Sims says:

earthquake you like Angelina naw man

Adrian Mendoza says:

Earthquake is hilarious. 

Ace Romero says:

Thanks for uploading.

Leck mich says:

dj was white?

McKenzyOffMyDick says:

Everytime I watch this nigga Earthquake i can’t breathe man…jokes on top
of jokes…u have no time to gather yourself lmfao

smithg1095 says:

Earthquake always i mean always kills it….Thank God nobody had to go
after him. How do u follow that up??

Taishawn Prince says:

earthquake was the best

Lawless G says:

These aint joke. Hahahaha

Berlin says:


missy bey says:

Earthquake! I am dead. lmao

gastate9 says:

Glad folks can enjoy and this tour comes to your town, go!!!

Osama5000lives says:

Earthquake is crazy Lmao

gastate9 says:

I did miss half the show, so she may have done a set, she performed between
acts when I got there. I wish I showed up on time because the 2 acts I saw
were well worth the money!!!

Lawless G says:

Earthquake is king

Bwoi Meemz says:

Earthquake is hilarious..

Cassidy Denien says:

This shit is hilarious..

gastate9 says:

Watching anything online does not compare with seeing it live! I hope my
videos make people see what they are missing and pay the money to go to
shows, I did!!!

gastate9 says:

lol, I feel ya. you would have hated my dave Chappelle too, lol. If dave
Chappelle comes to your city, GO!!!

Somer Knight says:

Youtube messing with their money. Why should I pay to see them when I can
see their entire show online

Aspire7 says:

26:25 she comes on stage and does her performance. Watch the whole video
next time 😉

alicia wright says:

earthquake…..I can listen 2 him all night

JPittsProductions says:

dang….you couldn’t get a better view….?

babyjames21 says:

Thanks for the upload!!!!

Shandon Sims says:

come on bruce all this fucking you said you did. was this when you weighed

Shandon Sims says:

none of yaw comment on bruce bruce

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