Russell Peters at the 2008 JUNO Awards Presented by JUNO TV’s ‘Host Month’

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Russell Peters hosted the 2008 JUNO Awards in Calgary, never having watched the JUNOS before — obviously not a prerequisite! JUNO TV: New Episodes Every Tue…


endou mamoro says:

well,ofcourse the main one hindi 😀

neuemage says:

sad the fake-punk wants to still be 22


He has the charm the make people laugh!!!!!!

Mahesh Sutar says:


Sam Malick says:

can ye post the full show if its possible?

Lakshmi Narayanan v says:


RoboKid360 says:

“will you marry me” LMFAO XD 2:55

Lakshmi Narayanan v says:

Its meant to be watched live and not online… He cant make new performance
for every single show.. its like asking ur favourite band to perfrom new
song in every concert.

lifehacks111 says:

Omg let him talk instead of shouting

Hrushikesh V says:

There’s no language called Indian, GENIUS. -_-

Saurav Sharma says:

in hindi u fck….der is no INDIAN language

ritishp says:

This guy is becoming repetative on Indian jokes.. same stereotypes..

Hamzidane says:

yeah avril lavigne

RK S says:


shash358 says:

Just to let you guys know, Lund means penis In his language m

chunkylover017 says:

800+ Indian languages, but he’s talking about the “Indian” in Gora terms.,
which is to say Hindi. And yeah Lund is essentially the same context as

Hamzidane says:


Toshi ao says:

which indian language?? india has thousands of different languages

endou mamoro says:

dude i am fukin indian n i know there is no indian language bt when ever
some1 say indian its means hindi(main one) got it!!and mind ur language or
somebody gonna get a hurt real bad 😛 PEACE

endou mamoro says:

LUND means dick in indian language

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