Russell Peters – Beating Your Kids

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Now he’s talking about y parents should beat their kids! SERIOUSLY gotta watch it!


DocsDota says:

1:40 more like “It says here you’ve got a 98 in school, somebody gonna get
a hurt real bad”

aditya menon says:

Oh God… this guy didn’t get famous for nothing xD

Kuroko Wu says:


snarwars says:

As an Asian, this is so relatable!

Dhani Joseph says:

Child Abuse

Seonghong Pyeon says:

lol. somebody gonna get hurt real bad, and it is you guys!!!

Fwench Fwies says:

omfg this is so awesome x’D

Mohamed Sayed says:

65,352 kids pressed like while haters are parents of course :D

Siva Nesh says:

real good

Thames Haldane says:

hands down funniest comedian of all time!!

Anastasya Chernova says:

I think they will just beat up the white kid to even it out.

auntdonut35 says:

my kid would have no breath in there body if they said f off i tell u to do
something u move your ass or die

Rohan Gohel says:

Wow Sanjana 

Stefan Unson says:

Since the spanking ban in Sweden, psychiatrist David Eberhard has
complained thru his book How Children Took Power how kids have been spoiled
and out of control.

The Ocelot says:

2:22 BEST. PART.

proud2bpagan says:

I’m from Alabama..I can’t tell you how many times I got my ass beat as a
kid. I don’t resent my parents,I respect them. I’m not traumatized bc they
beat my ass,I’m not in prison/don’t have babies by several different guys.
Kids these days *need* an ass whipping..if I talked to my parents the way
they talk to theirs,I wouldn’t be around to write this post. I called my
mom the ‘b’ word one time..I don’t remember much after that.

Sarah Hodgins says:

“Do I look like Ryan’s mom?”

pronto355 says:

My old man’s line was “Come here, I want to show you something”

strilight says:

Twenty-three minutes? That’s oddly specific. It’s like he did it before-

Oh shit.

canadianelitegamer says:

Best russel peters stand up ever

Tom Wu says:

At his best

AKarnold1010 says:

When he does his dad I lose it. Soo damn funny

Juse Jamez says:

1:35 lol!

Erlyk Dalkien says:

Worst part is………I was just watching a really old Cosby special. He
said some of this stuff way back then.

Bucci Posts says:

Watch my stand up and let me know what you think 

Google+sucksballs says:

hahaha the ad before the video was for Louis Vuitton stuff. lol now i keep
on thinking about the russell petters handbag joke between the Asian guy
and the indian who is trying to sell him the bag. 

Jee Da Hussla says:

Funny as heck..#russellpeters..

Dawn Reine says:

He is Amazing!! His humor taken from everydayday life of society

Chris Gomez says:

I beat mine. Just like I got it

JulzMusic says:

This is great, it takes the piss out of everyone and some hard realities
and brings to them a lighthearted notion. It’s sometimes easy to laugh in
hindsight but also for those who struggled with these things, note that you
are not alone… This is for comedic value, so don’t be a hater… Try and
make light of it, if you see it as being a horrible situation. 

fred kaka says:

Why all the bad comments this is a comedy.

Matt Gong says:

1,952 people are gonna get a hurt real bad

darksniper48 says:


Omar Haroon says:

Haha. Man I can so identify with what Russell says. Since my dad was in the
armed forces, my sister and I always got severely disciplined if we ever
stepped out of line.

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