Russell Peters – Trinidadians

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Russel Peters talks about Trinidadians, he does a really good accent.


rizziej says:

oh gosh this funny too bad

kriss hosein says:

tahera u gotta see this 

Issa Kareem says:


Amithrius says:

I also find that music highly irritating, and I live here.

summer6266 says:

Do da doodoodoo I wash my ass da doodoodoo wash my ass da doodoodoo right
cheek da doodoodoo left cheek da doodoodoo in the crease in the crease! XD

L. Tischmann says:

ehh what concert was this,,, i cant find it :

samuel mayr says:

I find this so insulting

Shamina E says:

Love him!! Absolutely hilarious

Bundev Sawhney says:

holy shit he nailed the accent so perfectly! i was just there a couple
weeks ago, they talk just like that!

Bree Rooplal says:

in d crease in d crease lol

Harry James says:


SeniorPanduh says:

De Accent de man put on was on point

Candy Jackson says:

wow he did that accent really good im surprise not much ppl can get it

italy john says:


Mblake81 says:


Daviel Joseph says:

ahahah you sound just like us!

Vijay S says:

You should see da whole act!! LMFAO

keesha3479 says:

ahaha! His accent is really good! He sounds exactly like my dad 😛

100904usc says:

well daizzz you if you doh like we music…:) miss home…

suzette philip says:

Where u from?

samuel mayr says:

But funny as shit

butterfly2847 says:

soooooo spot on

summer6266 says:

Omg xD

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