Sage The Gemini – Red Nose

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From the debut album “Remember Me” Available Now! Get it on iTunes! Music video by Sage The Gemini performing Red Nose. 201…


j.o j.b says:


jojo bird says:

+Tim steen must watch … take ur note pad n pen out take notes…. VIP rm
booboo ninja kitty

ASAP CiCi says:

and she gon fake it… cuz she don’t know.

fame dot says:

who that chick at 1:12?

Cynthia Woodhouse says:


Jocesparkles says:

and she gunna shake it like a . . . . . 

sandijah serano says:

I was dancing this song with my sister,brother,sister-in-law, little TJ and
my mom love you guys

Madison Strickland says:

At first I thought it was shake it like roufough and then I was dlike red

sammy hietbrink says:

3:04 hahaha

Magen Noel says:

Shack it like a red noes 

TeAriana jackson says:

this is my jam

kayla richardson says:

tbh this my song 

GottagitchaGROOOVEon says:

He is so fucking cute ‘

Nefratarri Olasande says:

Sage is so fine!!!!

Maria Patricia says:

Not ratchet anuuff.

Adhdassassinator says:

That girl in the beginning is annoying

Sophie Leonard says:

This is my song red nose

Jared McIntyre says:

is it me, or does the girl at the beginning of the video seem like a ghetto
trina from victorious

Dylan M. Hoke says:

I like how Sage is in this video not giving a fuck about anyone else in the
video if you look at his face he looks like this the entire time…….. ~….he’s
1. Money, check
2. Cadillac, check
3. Boobies, check
And that’s all he gives a shit about. And while everyone else is acting all
ghetto he’s holdin prayer hands. Lol

Zawni Williams says:

That song is not gheto I do not know who you talking to you ugly

dereliz pagan says:

i love this song 

Reeshemia Ary says:

Hey sage 

makayla gilbert says:

i luv this song

Katie Rosales says:

Love this song

Bellooo says:


Francisco Jones says:

everything about this is bad. the video, the lyrics, the beat is trash on a
1993 casio keyboard with a bass drop and dude has tyler the creator voice

Faith Padgett says:

Lol to all people who say they can dance to red nose saga you are dumb as
fuck bc there isnt a dance and thefor u are seeking attention like the dumb
whores u are anyone can twerk really all it takes is a ass so dont take
pride and worthless twerking ~soul

Cheyenne Cole says:

Sage is hot<3

Arturo Ortiz says:

I want to know what kind of nasty fuck looks a a red nose (or any dog)
shaking and thinks, “dam that’s just how a girl shakes her ass that’s sexy”
-_- just don’t know what to sing about anymore 

Ludwig BEAThoven says:

I fucking hate this resurgence of West Coast Hip Hop. It’s like
fuck…..don’t you already have enough? You have the movie stars, the
weather, the beach, and now you want hip hop? Fuck the west coast man.
Greedy bastards. What’s going on in Arkansas? Nobody gives a shit about
them. How bout Rhode Island? Kentucky, West VA, Kansas, Indiana, or
Montana? Give some else a turn to be in the spotlight.

kassandra bautista says:

you should have used my sis’ red nose pit the one in this video is tiny
follow their insta @my4pupss

Brianna Perez says:

Shake it like a red nose

Dre J says:

His nostrils are huge .. lol

Samantha Johnston says:

This song is awesome idk how people don’t like it. 

nella risperss says:

This is a banger

Salahadin Omer says:

tha sage gemini 

tylerjoe says:

Sounds like 2010

jonathan yianni says:

Acts rich, yet wears a replica Gucci belt ,get out of here.

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