Sara Bareilles – Brave

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Music video by Sara Bareilles performing Brave. (C) 2013 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment Buy the single here:


robert mikinka says:

This song is growing on me for some reason. Do you like it?

fizzyfoster says:

Catchy song but I don’t agree with fat people being fat.

Shailja Sharma says:

*Song of the day:* Sara Bareilles – Brave

*I wanna see you be brave*

Xavier S. says:

This sounds kind of like Roar by Katy Perry :/

Buuuut this came out first??

Annemarie Van Meter says:

This should be as popular as Roar!

April White says:

Great song.

I was brave.

TheRedParallel says:

If Katy Perry didn’t rip this song off them I doubt it would’ve even become

Waldo says:

Express yourself and be who you wanna be. This song inspires me to dance in
public, sing in public, and fart in public. <3

Jennifer Sertl says:

“The important thing is this: to be able at any moment to sacrifice what we
are for what we could become.”
~Charles DuBois

Dexter Handsome says:

I’m sick of this Roar ripoff always being played on adverts

TheDAITrickster says:

The guy in the blue hat GOT SOME MOVES!

Natalia Sanchez says:

Be brave you are not alone ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Cleo Gothika says:

that video make me feel it was just yesterday D:

Growtopia Azz says:

6.075 Dislike :( WHY?i thought this was a good song?????/

shakera yousra says:

one of my favorite songs performance will be played in madision SQUARE

RaquelCat11 says:

so… did Katy Perry copy her or did she copy Katy Perry?

nurhajati justice says:

Find your way to be BRAVE !

carlo domingo says:

So…. apparently if you dance in public you’re brave?

Tasnim Amran says:

Does anybody notice that the beginning of the song has a melody of katy
perry song roar ?

Harry Burrill says:

I listened to this song about 10 minutes before I decided to come out as
gay to my family. The inspirational words such “say what you wanna say, and
let the words fall out” made me realise how being brave and saying how we
really feel is such an important quality to have. Life really is too short
to be trapped and worried about other people’s opinions on us. The world is
out oyster’!

Ifeoluwa Alarapon says:

Everybody on Google plus I suggest you watch this video. It’s very
inspiring! It’s a message that is telling you never to be afraid and to
show the world who you are. That is the message they are trying to get
across. I will really appreciate it if you guys watch this video. Watch and
comment plz! #BeBrave

Lina Lin says:

Because being brave is acting like an mental person.K.

John Davids says:

Raise them high if you came here looking for the Microsoft commercial song
thats been playing in your mind the past 8 months, totally expecting Katy

Patti Chapman says:

Love this song! Goes out to all of you and I mean it from the whole heart!

Alexandria Hunt says:

I’ve danced in public before, back in middle school. We had nothing to do
sitting in the cafeteria because we left our bags in the classroom (my
teacher was setting up for the dance later on that day). I started dancing
and others joined in. It was AWESOME, and i was getting compliments and
pats on the back for days, even though i danced like a dork. Imagine the
quiet girl breaking out in a dance :)

Lanman Sasajksad says:

i want to see you be brave when your not posting a video or know your being
filmed because thats not being brave, thats using the camera as an excuse
to be “brave”

MegaDhop says:

I mean does the fat black guy have to wear skinny jeans. Well I guess they
are not skinny jeans really

Sophie D'Alessandro says:

The video is stupid but i love the song

John Smith says:

You can be a fatty and dance in public

Sooo brave haha what a load of crap

runeiry mateo says:

Sara barellies

dubochain says:

sara sings better then katy imo

Helaena Nguyen says:


LittleHobbit13 says:

“You can be the outcast, or the backlash of somebody’s lack of love.”
This line speaks directly to my soul right now. I’ve been having problems
with lots of people who call themselves my friends not taking very good
care with my feelings lately, and so I literally feel like the outcast in
the group, and feeling the lack of love. Basically, this is my favorite
song right now.

PeteVVest says:

0:31 is that Adam Levine in the background? 

The Derper says:

Dosent the sound kinda like the music from roar by Katy perry?

ThisGamingDragon says:

What is Seth Rogen doing in this video?

Amanda Pierce says:

i needed this today.

Fostertreadwell says:

Sara bareilles reminds me of spencer from pll

Lucas Santos Paivah says:

Song like this deserve the top!

Kat D says:

Looooove this!!

Computer Cat says:

I heard this song sounded like roar but I disagree.

NephilimFree says:

Very clever music video.

Casey Berry says:


Jacob Wilger says:

Love this song. 

Ruatha58 says:

C’mon America. be brave

Maylia Baird says:

i really love this song soooooooooo much such a good message

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