Sara Bareilles – Love Song

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Music video by Sara Bareilles performing Love Song. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 797345 (c) 2007 SONY BMG MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT.


PootStip says:

This is why men don’t understand women. “I WON’T WRITE YOU A LOVE SONG
the light on. In other words, worship me even though I’m going to go
looking elsewhere for a while.”


Jacob Swartz says:

sounds of my freshman year in college. this was always playing in one of
the dining halls i ate at. good times.

PopcornManiac2 says:


Jasmine Flora says:

Anyone else dancing to this!?

amoah paul k says:

Are you #dancing to this #music 

Breathe721 says:

This song is great but the video is trash lol. 

Milan Spruce says:

I used to love this song in 2007 can’t believe how long ago that was wow 

Gumi Megpoid says:

This was the first song I heard from Sara Bareilles.. That pretty much sold
the deal for me ^-^

sweetakatsuki says:

Wow I was 9 when this song came out and I just realized she’s the one who
sang this.-.

cola-ellie says:


For the longest time I tried to find out who sung it but never knew. Oh wow.
Love you Sara XP

Dominique Aruede says:

Oldies but goodies

Eric Kinney says:

good ole’ memories!

Fikri Z says:

I thank to my ex for playing this song a whole year in 2007. That’s
probably a good memories I remember of her.

JayDragon7 says:

So I’m not the only one who has been hearing this song for years, but never
actually knew who the singer was until now? And then proceeded to listen to
all of the singer’s music?

Mae Grim says:

Thumbalina needs to get paid somehow.

Kevin nguyen says:


Brian Miller says:

I love rock .. But ths music brings all good memories.

casandra cabrera says:

was made 4 years ago, and still lovin it

DAY9103 says:

What’s really funny though is that most listeners on the surface will
assume the song is about a romantic relationship. In an interview,
Bareilles stated that her record label didn’t want to produce any of the
songs she had written. They wanted love songs. And this is what they got…
“I’m not gonna write you a love song/ Cause you ask for it/ Cause you need
one/ You see/ I’m not gonna write you a love song/ Cause you tell me it’s
make or break in this/ if you’re on your way/ I’m not gonna write you to

Izzy Archer says:

2009… best songs of the decade 

eman126100 says:

I absolutely hate this song. Worst song ever I don’t want a fucking love
song I didn’t ask for one and don’t want you keep singing

Malak Houssami says:

OMG so gooood

Amelia Pretorius says:

Great song and have just downloaded it on my IPOD.

Henae Suleman says:


i am awesome says:

Most depressing stupid song ever, i’m glad music has changed

David Moffatt says:

love it

Kaylee Brown says:

Haha xx i had to dance xD Couldn’t help it :3

Saif Khan says:

isnt this song in a commercial?

lusy parker says:

apparently she was told she needed to write a love song so she wrote this 

Heleny del Carmen Chávez Ramírez says:

I love this song!

plasticfishtank says:

this needs to be back on the hits 1 weekend countdown

Tech_helper says:

Wow video quality has change over 7 years… And so has music too…

Mimi says:

She looks gorgeous here I hardly recognize her in Brave tho maybe it’s the
hair color idk

orangesnafu26 says:

2014 still listenin to this

Myah Cunningham says:

I love her

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