Sheryl Crow – Easy (Official Music Video)

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Sheryl Crow – Easy (Official Music Video) Available on iTunes:


Dominic O'Halloran says:

Nice Song

Irma Meško Matyas says:
Jacob Van Wie says:

I lubs you Sheryl Crow

Andrew S K says:

There’s an #Easy feeling about this one from #SherylCrow

“But you make it easy, easy / Easy to get away / Sit in the sun and drink
beer all day / Because it’s easy, easy / Easier here anyway / Who needs
Mexico / Baby let’s stay home”

Calvanna Pinkii Bartlett says:

who is that man in the video???

Alyssa Mills says:


SuperGiantdouche says:

looking hot sheryl

Matias says:

Great song ) Hey Look that video: Sheryl Crow – “Nobody’s Business” &
“Best of Times” – LIve @ Artists Den – YouTube

good new songs.

Jay Newman says:

now bugler is also playing now you must be getting your boots we are going
now do you think the thing I could play wally

Rachel R says:

Such a gorgeous song!

solona marrero says:

i just noticed how cute that guy is!

Jussie Hay says:

Love this song so much

Galactic Man says:

Luv Sheryl Crow. I know she’s country now, but still luv her.

Yusuf G says:

Saw Sheryl perform this on the Graham Norton Show! I like it.

Kareen Donaldson says:

Love this song! Have it stuck in my head today.

bobby dazzler says:

Good video….They make a nice couple…

Nick C says:

After hearing this song, I started humming “Head over Feet” by Alanis

Grey Heart says:

Stop thinking my culture and traditions are for your creative disposal.
It’s not only insulting but disrespectful. 

Nona O says:

I have only recently started listening to Sheryl Crow’s music. She is
amazing <3

mikey inderikey says:

Freefallin’ lite

William Bailie says:

In Sheryl we trust ! :) simply beautiful vocals as always . 

Don Robinson says:

I just watch a recent interview with Sheryl Crow, and Sheryl once again
mentioned the possibility of a duet album with Kid Rock. It would be
amazing if Sheryl recorded a follow up album to her Grammy nominated Album
of the Year, Best Rock Album (Grammy winner), and Best Engineered
Non-Classical Album (Grammy winner) The Globe Session!!! The last time I
watch this video on youtube it had over 1 million views. I wonder what

Steve Sheriff says:

It’s as easy as this to persuade your gf to stay in? I’m gonna try it. Save
me a fortune. Thanks.

Tamara Thomson says:

Amazingly awesome!

Adrienne Charles says:

Not sure why this video doesn’t even have 1,000,000 views yet. Sheryl as
great as is the song. Its going to be my next cover song..she has such an
awesome high range it will def be a challenge. 

Jay Newman says:

bugler is in wallykazam!

Alanisnicole Rogers says:

I love this video it is amazing and I love the duete with her and

John Luke says:

Always liked Sheryl. A beautiful and honest artist who has the charm of the
girl next door. Talented and has some really great songs. Hope life gives
her a few breaks.

Angel blue says:

i like it

lightningsmokerXx says:

My fav version of this song was done on Jimmy Kimmel’s show when Matt Damon
took over

diego rosado says:

she is beautiful

Gina Pusatero says:

He makes it easy just the way it should be <3

Elizabeth C says:

The man in the video is hot

Timothy Austin says:

Amazing song!! Very underrated. 

marco brenni says:

Beautyful !

Tony Wilson says:

Just a lovely track

Fernande McNabb says:

Great tune and i like the casualness of it! 

Lynne Mahan says:

really a great song..

Anthony Yupangco says:

still beautiful at 51, i thougth we’re out of beautiful music. thanks to

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