Shinedown – Enemies [Official Music Video]

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2012 WMG. new album ‘Amaryllis’ available now on iTunes! Directed By: Darren Doane Connect With Shinedown:…


ScarletVoodoo says:

The singer sure did get hot.

ZOMBKILLA221 says:

Should have bought a Nokia.

Pimpin Turtles says:

this is probably the best rock music video i have seen

Makayla singleton says:

My dad sent me this video….didn’t think I would like it as much as I did

Ayra freerider says:


Monsutā Productions says:

I wonder if this sort of thing happend with Oasis and The Gallgers…? :)
Wouldn’t suprise me! ^_^
(PS: atcually llike oasis. I just think the Gallgers are a bit dickish!)

Patrick Findley says:

I don’t think anything needs to be said here, it speaks for itself…

chaosXP3RT says:

this song is too short

Lauren Stottmann says:

This is a great song. I really like Shinedown. I feel they are very
talented. I did several Shinedown acoustic covers on my channel if you
guys are interested in checking them out?
Thanks guys, keep listening to good music!!

Dale Howell says:

Wonder if they actually beat each other up in this video…hmmmm.

Benjamin Sparks says:

I thought he had a boner in the thumbnail

Mario Robles says:

There should be a behind the scenes on the video :3 that would be just

thenotsolovelybecca says:

I love this so much.

SuperCoon88 says:

He wouldnt feel the glass cuts that much, he would have too much adrenaline
to feel like any pain

trey wykle says:

Guys: We beat the shit out of each other and then we’re best friends for

CantingYETI says:

if he actually got hit with a coffee pot he would have a concussion
but still its cool

kostas berbas says:

fking awesom video clip and song too :)

Milen Topalov says:

Shinedown is a great Band no doubt about it ! When is the next album coming

sean winborne says:

And that’s why you don’t piss off you bass player

justin clark says:

that chair flew off

Robert Friel says:

Awesome video!

Tanner Willman says:

Haha it’s funny because that’s really how us guys are we fight and hate
each other for a second then we are hugging again and the best of friends

Chris Ketchem says:

this video was so awesome and so unique! loved the ending

ShadowLightGaming says:

No its not its 4:30pm 1:04

SlasH Slasher says:

honestly .. wat makes this song great is the video clip thats all ,, 

john murphy says:

3:20 that guy looks like seth rogen

TheOrigian says:

omg that was freaken awesome :o

Angelique Rumping says:

I can listen for hours…(Y)

Soshi Uso says:

That chair slide at 1:43 is supernatural. Great vid!

Jordan Herbert says:

Dai Ling Ping ;P

bruceolee says:

it’s the new modern law that any and all action filmed must be done by
shaky cam! UGH!

Eko Pradityo Arief says:

Fight fight fight and fight

CantingYETI says:

if that was a nokia it would have burned a hole all the way to china
(“”( (0,,,,,0 ) (“”(

ShaggyTheClown17 says:

You know whats funny, I bet the reason the first two guys are po’d at each
other is cus someone ate the last hotpocket XD

Ash Williams says:

These guys are amazing!! 

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